Anyone else tired of

Farming DLC gear… And not just not getting the dedicated drops… But watching the horrible world drops from core content drop all the time… Yay more wood blockers and ASMD. DLC world drops only drop in DLC… but core content drops everywhere… Wtf


Yes it’s a huge problem with the game imo, but some people like it this way to make it easy to farm world drops.
(I call them fake Borderlands players)
World drops are a plague and drop WAY too much. Vs farming dedicated drops for hours and not seeing a single one…


You know what I call a fake Borderlands player?
Someone who is given a 50’ X 50’ sandbox with 500 toys and all he can do is farm the 3 elusive item for weeks.
Then complains about not having “real endgame”.
Real Borderlands players make the best of what they have and don’t need scripted endgame.



Are you a whiner or an anti-whiner? I can’t tell …

Either way, why be bothered by how others play and why do you care so much about what they are farming for?

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Neither. I’m a person of balance. Not extreme.
If I look at the post I was replying to I don’t think I’m the one bothered by what other players do. That’s why I replied.



Fair enough …

I’m not sure if I’m a real Borderlands player or a fake one based on the definitions presented in previous posts, but, I know that I’m wasting too much time on this game that is very rewarding when it comes to crap gear and very unrewarding when it comes to desired gear. Thats my stance anyway …


Fair enough. :wink:

There’s no such thing as a “real Borderlands player”. That’s one thing to like with the game. You play it the way you like. No one is holding you by the hand.

Personally I’m fine with drops. Having played BL2 for years BL3 feel like a candy store when it come to drops. My advice is always the same. Don’t focus too much on that elusive piece of gear. Go out. Explore different maps. Try different gear, sometime sub par, and make them work.

There’s so much more to do than the Takedown with a god tier build.

In BL2 some players played for years at OP8 and never saw a Beckah drop for them and never called the game crap for it.


I’m focus on the elusive gear and that’s one of the reasons why I play BL3. I create new VHs to create builds with perfect gear. It’s a challenge but it’s worth aiming for.

In the meantime I don’t cry if I don’t have god roll gear though I have a bunch already. I know I can beat the hardest difficulty with less ideal gear. Beating the hardest content with a perfect build is something I am looking forward to. What happens after I reached my goal which I already did on some of my VHs? I just continue beating the crap out of enemies and create new VHs.

I don’t like refarming gear but I’m ok with farming.



Well, I am one of those players you nentioned that played at OP8 for years and never got a Bekka …

Come to think of it … BL2 was trash for never dropping me a dagum Bekka!!! :slight_smile:

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So there’s this absolutely free to play RPG called Genshin Impact and it’s breath of the wild with 24 unlockable characters, and each of those characters has a weapon slot, special action skill, special ultimate skill, and 5 gear slots.
If you’re jonesin’ for something to scratch that looter/action game, I highly recommend it. It’s free on all platforms.
Oh, you also swap between 4 characters, so keys 1-4 are different characters that you can switch between at will as opposed to just different weapons.
Also, swapping characters lets you combine elements as each character has an elemental ability, so you can combine wind skills with fire ones, electric with water, etc. etc.
It’s what I picked up and I can’t even be bothered to leave sanctuary in BL3 now. Completely free and WAY more content.

Oh boy, I can’t wait to get more Woodblockers, Monocles, ASMDs, etc


Borderlands is often compared to Diablo. For good reasons.
I wonder what is the good Legendary vs crap gear ratio in Diablo III. :thinking:
What about dedicated drops?..

The Beckha was a Gen 2 Pearl pretty sure… and so it had no drop source. It was just an extremely rare drop. I understand people mad cuz they never got one but I’ve seen about 10 in the years I’ve played BL2 mostly from Red chests.

(When I say fake Borderlands players)
I’m referring to people who would rather get a super rare drop from a boss that shouldn’t really be dropping that item. Or people with the “Candy store mentality” and just want (Easy mode) Because BL2 was stingy

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There is no such thing as a “fake” Borderlands player though. BL1 didn’t have dedicated drops, and TPS didn’t have them either until 6 months in. These games are more than farming to some people and they couldn’t care less about dedicated rates.

Not saying they couldn’t be higher for those who do, but let’s not get carried away here.


All I know is that at this point, Borderlands 2 strikes me as re-playable fun. Borderlands 3 doesn’t have that feel.


Then my guess is drop rates are not the issue…

I dont think you could get the bekah from red chests only tubbie enemies could drop gen 2 Pearl’s.

Back in my day, REAL vault hunters would WALK the entire set of maps, from the Windshear Waste to the Eridium Blight just to complete challenges!

Uphill! Both ways!!!


From the Wiki:

Bekah is a pearlescent assault rifle in Borderlands 2 manufactured by Jakobs. It was added with Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack Two: Digistruct Peak Challenge. Like all of the four Pearlescent weapons from the UVHM2 pack, it will only fall from Tubby enemies, and only after reaching level 61 while UVHM2 is installed.

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Thanks for clarifying that :slight_smile: ^
back in my day we would travel to General Knox armoury just to loot all the chests and do that untill we were satisfied. And at that point BL1 lost a lot of its charm when you could cheese the game to get 25+ red chests per run without worrying about the timer

BL2 tresure room glitch is still to this day my favourite glitch in any borderlands game - effort= rewards

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