Anyone else using alternate "Team Colors"

I use Baby Blue for friends and Red for enemies.

After watching my Brother playing against a Blue Arachnis/Geoff I was pretty confused.

He’s always been red to me.

So… what colors do you use?

I use light blue and orange

Blue allies, purple enemies. ;D

Classic red vs blue

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Like, in private matches?

…For the Win!

I still can’t get the old TFC days out of my head. :wink:

I use the same color as shields for allies (so my shield and health bars are the same color,) and also so I can use green for the enemy color. Red doesn’t stand out for me, so it’s a fantastic thing that it’s changeable in Battleborn.

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Orange for allies, red for enemy forces


Blue for allies orange for enemies.

Pink for allies, green for enemies! (That took some time to get used to)

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White for allies, pink for enemies. I go back and forth on enemy color, but pink is predominant. White has been health since I found out I could change colors

Interesting question. Light Blue and Orange, currently.
I can really only have Orange and Red for the enemy team, otherwise I won’t realize they’re the enemy, haha.
Tried having Pink and Purple and ended up getting real confused.

I use teal and red

Pink for my team, white for the enemy.

Sentries and the minion bots are SO pretty in pink!

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Hahaha. We have the exact opposite colors. high five

Same. It’s very pleasing to the eyes. :heart_eyes:

I didn’t know you could do that.

I encountered a glitch lately… sometimes Minion Bots get stuck and change there color to Blue(Ally color) after defeating their boss… It can happen after beating Geoff or Anthem.

It is almost like they’re saying “See. We’re friends. Please don’t hurt me.” But they still have Red health indicating they’re Enemies. So blast away and give me your XP.

I use basic Blue for my Team, Red for the Enemy.