Anyone else want a companion app for BL3?

I think it would be nice to be able to check up on my loadouts or progression when I’m not in the game. A lot of games have companion apps and I think Borderlands 3 or even Borderlands in general would benefit from an official companion app. Thoughts? Comments? Concerns? I’d like to hear what you guys think.


I think it’s useless unless it’s include social hub for players. Indeed alot of games has companion apps but they rarely used which makes them waste of resource and they are crude and forsaken apps mostly. But if app acts like social hub like accessing forums, chat rooms, joining clans, planning events with friends etc… Can be a great addition. Players who have jobs, lessons, programs can enjoy it most.


Yeah I get that. Social features would definitely need to be implemented to some extent, and I personally like be able to check my stats, skill trees, etc. right from my phone. The companion apps I’ve used in the past for other games were decent, but social features would definitely be awesome. Like maybe you could DM your friends through the app, send mail/guns to others, or maybe even a public market. As long as it’s done right, I think it could be useful.

Would be great if there’s one… Just like Destiny where we can compare load outs, weapons etc… And take the discussion offline with friends


I would really only like to be able to play the slots outside of the game… That way when I got back on I could focus on the enjoyable parts - not just pull levers for half an hour or so.


That’s a cool idea!

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Yeah that pretty much sums it up honestly. xD

That’s not a bad idea. That’s pretty good actually. I’d never thought about that. They should definitely do something like that.

Thanks! Games like Destiny have a companion app and I personally liled that because I didn’t have to be in the game to check my stats, loadouts, etc. I think it would be pretty cool.

How about using the vending machines?? And that you can use you bank and inventory to swap, buy and sell stuff?? Maybe even between your charachters? That would be awesome


There’s not a lot in the vending machines I’m interested in at level cap… And if they added mobile access I’m sure they’d just nerf the quality further. Cause I thought about that but decided it wouldn’t be worth it…

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Can’t really understand why they would that, but yeah maybe.

But I at least want to sell stuff. Sometimes I’am in a rush between farming and dont want to spend my time selling and comparing gear in game. So if I can farm the gear in game and compar and switch it at work :scream:. Just that thought alone man


Being able to sort inventory is fine don’t get me wrong… But being able to mark items as trash should suffice. Then you can take all of 2 seconds to go to vending machine and sell all trash when you get back on the game.

Is just that some anointments are worth checking out a time or two and the last thing I want is for them to have a reason to nerf guns I can do that on… What’s the point in seeing if you like something just to spend an extra hour killing stuff because they made it so weak?

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I’d like it for item management. Would help knowing which mule has what items and if I got doubles to give away etc.


Yeah that would be pretty handy!

It’s not possible with BL3 since our data isnt saved server side. That’s how Destiny 2 companion apps work.

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Yeah that’s a problem, but you never know they might be able to figure something out.

i always thought a companion app to show the map, enter shift /VIP codes and latest news would be nice. but looking at how bad the Destiny companion app is, there isnt really a need for one. although there are several fanmade ones that share some interactive info.

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Nope not a fan. You people fiddle with your phone too much already.

Absolutely love the idea. Would really like to be able to manage inventory and skill tree configurations from an app and not have to be logged into a console.