Anyone Else want Competitive/Ranked Play

It’s quite distasteful that community leaders and designers won’t listen to all feedback of Battleborn players. As someone who played Call Of Duty for money for years I can say playing competitively is so much more fun. It isn’t for everyone obviously, but why make a game so one sided? Battleborn is a very “newcomer” friendly game, and it’s frustrating that it keeps its more experienced players in the dark. This game is a FPS MOBA…MAKE A COMPETITIVE MODE. It’s been done already, but it died quickly because there was really no incentive. That’s where visible ELO/rank comes into play. It makes players want to get better and show off their rank to friends. Why this hasn’t been done is beyond me, and it’s truly frustrating. I’ve been preaching since day 1 of release this needs to happen, but no one seems to listen. Probably the reason why this game was being sold for $15 in the 2K Humble Bundle…If you want this game to breathe fresh air this NEEDS to happen. I’m giving this game one more month and if nothing significant happens this guy is going to Overwatch

It didn’t die because there was no incentive, it died because there is not a large enough playerbase to sustain it.

Waiting times are already painful enough with a loose ELO range criteria, tightening it up for competitive would only make it impossible to find games, as was already experienced on PC during the brief time competitive mode was a thing.

You can go play OW already if you want, it’s not like the playerbase will grow (it’s already shrinking again if anything) and competitive mode won’t be a thing.


personally I don’t want a competitive scene, most of the competitive players I play with are the ones who bother me most. they’re the ones I’ve had the worst experiences with typically for various reasons


Yeah, it seems to draw out the worst in people. But at the same time, it’s disappointing to win and not see a tangible portrayal of skill.

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There’s been so many posts about this…would be wonderful if they did add it…People have been trying to grow the scene by putting on tourneys, running private matches (as you know), etc but with little help from GBX most of the efforts are for nothing.

It’s frustrating to do private matches bc without in game tools it takes forever to set up usually; and pubs are 95% just pub stomps one way or the other. It’s boring playing pubs and tedious playing private matches most of the time.

I suspect if something doesn’t happen soon the majority of the hardcore/competitive players will be leaving. It pains me to say Im almost there. I love this game, etc. but it’s gotten to the point where it’s uninteresting to play the game unless we can set up private matches…and when we set up private matches it’s like 1 game per hour lol

It’s my understanding that MOBA’s are known and played for their competitive landscapes. BB is a MOBA, yet lacks a critical element to draw in and keep MOBA players playing. A ranked competitive playlist is the first step in growing this game’s competitive scene and at the same time growing it’s player base at large.

I couldn’t imagine being able to get on GB’s and play BB wagers. That would just be so amazing. Sadly, we are just not there yet and I doubt that we will ever be.

It today’s gaming world the most popular PVP games are often the ones that have the best competitive set up. I think GBX needs to start taking steps in the “competitive” direction if they want this game to grow.


If Overwatch is what you’re leaving to, odds are this game wasn’t for you to begin with, Mr. Call of Dooters.

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I want to play with people of my same skill level. The problem with the “competitive” queue was that the name drove people away, particularly the weaker players that needed it most.

I want uber1337wtfrudoinufkn00bgtfb2casual mode

Yeah, this game is too easy anyways, which is why you probably grind it for nothing. How much have you made playing games? Not a single dollar? How sad.

Agreed. It took us almost 3 hours to play TWO private match games? That’s just atrocious. It shouldn’t be that painfully long, it should be a lot easier. They still have a lot to work on, like addressing all players rather than nerfing characters who don’t need nerfs

That’s a little rude, I was just being silly. This game isn’t a twitch shooter, so it’s probably not for you.

No, it is for me because i literally have no competition every match I play in. This game is about to be not for me because it doesn’t welcome competitive or “good” players wanting to become better or play in tournaments. Community tournaments is a half ass way to show the community developers their so called “love” for this half dead community

Well, your tude isn’t great, I’ll tell you that. I’m glad you’re so good, and I would love a comp update, but I’m more interested in the DLC heroes and maps.

But really, keep this in mind, it’s hard to take someone seriously when they won’t stop talking about how good they are at video games.

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Idk if Tarheel told you, hoped he’d pass it along.

You guys should def join up…Probably won’t change much on GBX’s end but should at least be quick and fun.

Let’s all talk about the game and not each other. Next person who ignores this rule will get a warning.

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They enacted it wrong the first time.

Now we have to wait for round 2.


He mentioned it briefly but didn’t give me much detail. I’ll only play if I get a team

Hopefully that’s soon!

You should let Timtoborne understand this since he came at me first and I’m a new member. This gearbox software community is already a bit hostile and go at your throat for everything and I just started being "active on this TODAY. Not really the support I was hoping “Derch”

His request was for EVERYONE in this thread to heed. We dont want this to be a hostile place and will do whatever possible to keep negativity out.

So. Those rules. Lets be sure to keep those in mind before hitting that reply button.