Anyone Else want Competitive/Ranked Play

Agreed. It took us almost 3 hours to play TWO private match games? That’s just atrocious. It shouldn’t be that painfully long, it should be a lot easier. They still have a lot to work on, like addressing all players rather than nerfing characters who don’t need nerfs

That’s a little rude, I was just being silly. This game isn’t a twitch shooter, so it’s probably not for you.

No, it is for me because i literally have no competition every match I play in. This game is about to be not for me because it doesn’t welcome competitive or “good” players wanting to become better or play in tournaments. Community tournaments is a half ass way to show the community developers their so called “love” for this half dead community

Well, your tude isn’t great, I’ll tell you that. I’m glad you’re so good, and I would love a comp update, but I’m more interested in the DLC heroes and maps.

But really, keep this in mind, it’s hard to take someone seriously when they won’t stop talking about how good they are at video games.

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Idk if Tarheel told you, hoped he’d pass it along.

You guys should def join up…Probably won’t change much on GBX’s end but should at least be quick and fun.

Let’s all talk about the game and not each other. Next person who ignores this rule will get a warning.

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They enacted it wrong the first time.

Now we have to wait for round 2.


He mentioned it briefly but didn’t give me much detail. I’ll only play if I get a team

Hopefully that’s soon!

You should let Timtoborne understand this since he came at me first and I’m a new member. This gearbox software community is already a bit hostile and go at your throat for everything and I just started being "active on this TODAY. Not really the support I was hoping “Derch”

His request was for EVERYONE in this thread to heed. We dont want this to be a hostile place and will do whatever possible to keep negativity out.

So. Those rules. Lets be sure to keep those in mind before hitting that reply button.

Yeah roger that, tracking ma’am. Thank you for your service ma’am

A user for one year is hardly a new member, and who came at who first is only relevant as to the order in which we’ll ultimately adjudicate it. A violation of forum policy is that. Also, happy one year anniversary! Congratulations on your new badge.

I’m sorry you feel that way, If you have concerns, feel free to use the flag function or contact the moderating staff, as per the rules which have been already been posted.

Are you implying he may not be Derch, or quoting some one?

That is wholly unnecessary. We’re asking in a polite way. Let’s avoid it. Starting immediately.

Let’s not shy away from the topic at hand and turn this into a post about rules on the forum. Battleborn desperately needs a competitive/ranked play mode if it’s going to tread water in the genre.

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THANK YOU. Lol, it really does.

No. They tried it and it ruined matchmaking. If they could do it without ruining the way the game worked then sure, why not. But they already tried it and it completely destroyed many peoples’ enjoyment of the game.

The admin’s aren’t trying to shy away. This is just how they warn people before they take action.

They didn’t put enough time and thought into it. I liked what they were doing, but rushed it which in turn made everyone not enjoy it. I feel like if they tinkered with the idea they could make it ALOT better

That’s true, too. It’s just that it seems like no matter what they do it’s going to either lengthen matchmaking times or change the playlists back to where you can’t choose your gametype anymore. The former sucks, and the latter will make me stop playing entirely. If they could it without any of those things happening that’d be great, but I’d personally rather they devote resources to rewarding people for finishing matches, punishing people for quitting/surrendering, and finding a way to reward people for playing past CR 100. A way to lessen the grind when trying to farm for certain items would also be wonderful.

How did it “ruin” matchmaking? Did it make it take longer? I would rather wait longer than get matched up with people who can’t seem to figure out that AOE’s are extremely deadly, and stand right in the center of them.

Maybe now that the sale happened there will be an influx in amount of players and matchmaking won’t take as long. I bought it because it was half off on XBone and it seems like I wasn’t the only person to use it as an opportunity to get the game .