Anyone else want shield to be auto picked up on use? Or hold button

I mean u can throw it like.your original throw after.

Edit wonderful idea from oliver_shady hold the action skill button to auto pickup would be nice.

I must pick the shield up so many times when there is a cluster of crap on the floor i have to look up to pick it up. I have to slowdown to pick it up when. Running.

Btw does the movespeed only work when its on The floor and i go through it? I onky notice the speed buff on the sides when. I drop and leave the shield not when i pick it up at all.

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The optimal would be more a press and hold option precisely because some barrier perk require the barrier to be on the ground.


I agree ill edit it.

It has been posted many many times before. But also, all left side perks do not work while being held. It is meant originally to be a team tactic and I hardly use barrier anymore, but when I do, it is to cover and buff teammates.

The barrier is also one of the most OP action skill in the game as you literally are almost immune to everything. One slight annoyance of dropping it for that should well make up for it.

I second this big time.

Same idea should be implemented for immediately getting out of Iron Bear.