Anyone else worried about action skill patch

My worry is they wont balance it properly still for all characters but with moze specifically I dont think they will balance the weapons on bear again even though it’s clearly needed. Bear still needs a way to heal without splash damage. Another top lvl worry is they boost iron bear damage properly but auto bear stays completely the same. It just seems like the huge over sight this team is used to :frowning: but I’m still gunna be slightly hopeful everyone cross your fingers

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I’m just really excited how it will end up because it’s something huge
I don’t really care too much because with IBs current gameplay, I don’t even use him

Bear fist better come into play. It should be able to one shot foes of the same size

If its done right I’m keen. Blatant overpowered increase to the arms in BM and SoT = game changer

Edit: to elaborate, IB has multiple “tools” in theory & multiple play styles it’s just the numbers don’t add up. If they did we’d have a proper tank or at least… What the description says when you highlight a Gunner class on the map


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Before Mayhem 2.0, Iron Bear was capable of tackling and completing TTD so whatever changes they have planned for the upcoming patch, should make it possible to do that at any Mayhem level. What a lot of people seem to forget about Iron Bear as that as an action skill, he’s a far less gear-dependent approach to playing Moze; it helps to alleviate the necessity of finding the best loot as if it was any other build, and as long as his DPS potential doesn’t match Moze’s when she uses her best gear yet can still clear all content, then it’s an acceptable trade-off overall.

There are two things I’m concerned about for this upcoming patch: they could easily screw up the scaling of action skill damage throughout the mayhem levels for starters. And although I am looking forward to seeing action skill damage as a passive bonus for gear, I’m erring on the side of caution and waiting to see if it’s one of those passives that somehow doesn’t apply to Iron Bear.

This is Gearbox we’re talking about after all: they seem to think it’s ok not to allow a single one of Moze’s capstone skills to have any functionality with Iron Bear whatsoever. I don’t know about anyone else but to not even have at least one capstone functioning during a character’s action skill or somehow relevant to it, that to me seems kind of anti-Borderlands when it comes to skill tree design. This literally makes Moze the only vault hunter in the entire Borderlands series where none of her capstones directly or indirectly benefit her action skill and that just seems wrong. Technically, Aurelia in the Presequel had capstones which didn’t have any direct benefit to her action skill either, but at least she had the benefit of being able to use her guns and melee (thus all her capstone skills) when it was active.

The least they could do is allow Iron Bear to proc Short Fuse - this would open up build diversity for Bear a lot more, and it would allow non-splash hardpoints and augments to benefit from DPS plus the sustain from Vampyr. It would be a very simple change, certainly a lot simpler than trying to change Forge or Tenacious Defense in ways that somehow work for Bear.


Take the personal strife to polite pms, or off the forum entirely, please.


Hardly anyone does. But then again that’s because IB (along with all action skills) were never scaled properly for end game. Having action skills not scaled properly from September of 2019 to late June of 2020…yipes.


for me, its mainly because iron bear prevents me from playing moze^^
thats too much of a scrifice

And what about Fl4ks pets …? They worked up until M3. Then M4 was released ON THE SAME DAY the buffs for the pets came out that made them work up until M3 …
Ever since then … cannon fodder. And not the best at that even.


Going off that point, I’d like to point out that FL4K’s pets are the only ability in BL3 that has been consistently getting worse, by orders of magnitude, since the game’s release.

In M3, they only needed to be buffed by 2 to deal respectable damage. They benefited from mayhem modifiers (positive and negative), the pet terror anointment, they had their health increased by 50%, and BY was buffed by 100%.

Once M4 came out, the pets were dealing 1/9 of the damage they needed to be viable endgame, 5x as bad as they were in the M3 days. They received no buffs and no new anointments, and they could only get one modifier to buff them but at least they also weren’t shafted by modifiers like they could be on M3.

For Mayhem 2.0, they’ve still been left untouched. Now they deal 1/110 of what they need to perform endgame. So they have no new anointments, no buffs for 7 months, the modifiers that buffed them were removed, and now there is a modifier that DECREASES their damage by 75% on a crit.

So over the course of 9 months, they’ve gone from needing a x2 buff, to a x9 buff, to a x100 buff at the least. They are this game’s cloud kill.


I super agree be sause fl4k and moze are my fave and I just give up with fl4k like they atleast tried with moze in m4 for fl4k they said naw screw him we really dont care lol.


I am not that fond of entering IB and exiting IB animations. You can tweak skills all you want (which is welcomed, of course) but transition between standard phase and action skill phase is not fluid like in other characters.

Obligatory “my 2 cents”.


I REALLY want GBX to do something besides just buff Iron Bear damage and be done with it…

Like, for example, being able to summon Iron Bear without getting in the suit, keeping up Moze’s momentum, activating ASE anointments, etc…

Or having a third arm for IB, adding Moze’s equipped weapon for different combinations (we discussed in a previous forum post)…

Or just anything that eliminates the gap from Moze’s play style and Iron Bear’s…

It doesn’t matter how much they buff IB, it’s still like playing 2 different characters…then I’m forced to choose which to build on, rather than using them seamlessly.


There are actually 4 arms in that picture if you look, the 2 big ones and the 2 small ones.

Activating ASE annointments is a huge one. I wish they would add 50% element for next two mags on shields and grenades.


Yea I saw, but I think 4 arms would be too crazy lol

One arm and all the anointments/gun effects is hard enough to manage, I’m sure

3 arms would just look wierd imo thats all

I agree heavily with this point, never before in the BL series has this been a problem. You have Moze and you have Iron Bear. You have things that only affect one or the other when everything that affects one should effect the other. Moze cant use half the anoints in the game because of IB. There is so much GB f**ked up with Moze imo that idk how they could fix it.

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The thought of actually getting a few kills on M10 before exiting IB is a nice one. I’m not opposed to trying out a full IB build, especially wish a Rocketeer build would be viable one day


I honestly do not know what to do with my Moze. Since MH 2.0 she has basically become a mule. I haven’t even put on the 4 extra points on her from the 53-57 level cap (I have the points just did not apply them). I am waiting to see what if anything GBX does for her and Iron Bear.
In my mind she is a Mech Soldier so her mech should play a pretty big role besides just triggering anointments…

Rocketeer builds are nearly viable. It comes with TCP. I’ve been running one on M10. Only struggles against anointed enemies.

Do this. Moze is one of the most powerful vault hunters now after last patch’s changes.