Anyone else would like some hard numbers on these hero?

Anyone else want to know exactly what Hero stats are?

  • Base damage
  • Base Attack Speed
  • Base Damage reduction
  • etc etc etc

And range!

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■■■■ yes


Please don’t go the destiny route and just put bars with no numbers. Only to look up the stats on a third party site.

Numbers! All I want is a decent pair of numbers.

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+1 Yes! :thumbsup:

I remember a while ago they had bars on the character pages, and those were just awful

I actually prefer to not see the numbers. Hard data is what leads to an overbearing min/max community, where you get voted out of a match because you picked the wrong helix option or you went left when the data clearly shows your character should go right. I hate that mentality.


Yes please. Movement speed, attack speed/damage, health regeneration, energy regeneration, beard length, etc

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To be honest i can see that. Its would be a League of Legends, you didn’t pick a meta champ someone better dodge. I honestly just want the stats so i can gauge these gear percentages. Attack Damage +5.73…of what? lol.



Just want numbers on the stats. Not on the players before the match started.

I will admit I saw the player ranks on the beta and that made me not want to play with them. I understand why that is not a desirable teammate but it stunts the community by making it elitists. If you want the game to servive you need new blood.

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Often wondered why there isn’t a rank for actually winning games. There probably will be a hidden one for matchmaking purposes.

more info = better

I would like this but I feel it will only result in more people insta locking and wining about nerfs,buffs,etc. still Id take it.

While I do like getting hard numbers (currently compiling my own on Deande), I feel like this is something the players should do and not something that GB should provide. Just my opinion.

Here are some numbers.


Yes, yes, and yes!

By the amount of likes OP has it would seem the community is mostly on board with this GBX

I have to agree with @rsquires82 on this one, I love number crunching and I think half the fun of Borderlands was that it fell to the community to figure out damage values and level scaling. Sure, you had a life bar and all weapons had values listed on the itemcards but ultimately we learned through trial and error and by compiling our own data what worked and what didn’t.

On the other hand I understand @Orblivion’s point as well, I love competitive gaming and I was somewhat competitive during the beta when I was partied with my team but I don’t want to have that level of toxicity in the community either, where there is a standard of five characters that almost everyone picks for every game and if you pick a lower ranked character you end out being ostracised by a group of overly serious twats.

If we compiled our own data, and did it in such a way that we actually discouraged toxic over-competitiveness in this game, we could make it great. But if we focus too much on numbers, soon we’ll have people who focus too much on competition.

I think we should all just choose a character we like or enjoy playing as for whatever reasons we have personally and be happy with them as they are, if we have numbers thrown in our faces we’ll start looking at the characters differently and before long they’ll become numerical values instead of the great designs and personalities that they are now.
So long as the numbers are a secondary thought then I’m all for them, I love numbers! But if some big website or YouTube channel starts posting these numbers for anyone and everyone to see then before long we’ll have the over-competitive toxicity that we are trying to avoid flooding the community.

Hard number my help the community as a whole determine if a hero needs a buff or need.

From my own experience with competitive games, it’s the more casual players of a community that are punished by lack of detailed information. The competitive community will test and gather information which ends up becoming third party information via websites which the average person will not bother to search for and are thus at an inherent disadvantage. Having basic information available in-game like the DPS on regular attacks and max hp so that players can compare what a character’s strength is should be a pretty obvious detail to supply players regardless of their playstyle.

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