Anyone Else's Game Hosed After Patch? PS4 Pro

After the patch/hotfix, my game appears hosed.

If my character is moving and I open a menu, the menu freezes. Not lag, but freezes. When the game comes back after a minute or two, the audio is usually broken. Even without the menu problem, the audio breaks constantly. The game itself will freeze at various times for a few seconds.

I’ve tried re-starting the game and PS4 several times.

I played BL2 and TPS for comparison. They seem fine.

I’m sincerely hoping there is some issue with my PS4. If these are new bugs, I’ll sadly reluctantly have to stop playing this game. My minds a little boggled on just how awful things are going with this game. One step forward, 18 steps backward.

Have you tried the old uninstall/reinstall routine? They changed a LOT of stuff so you may want to bite the bullet and uninstall/reinstall just to rule it out.

It’s on my list of options. Scary, but if no other option presents itself…

Weird. I’m on PS4 Old (not Pro) and not seeing these issues.

Good to know, thanx.

I have PS4 Pro too and since patch the UI has been awesome. It doesn’t lag forever like it used to. Gotta say this was the most welcome aspect of this patch and well worth it. (even though it should have been released as such, at least it is getting done)

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Not on PS4 (XBOne S), but second the UI comment - seems to be more snappy.

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Ps4 pro as well. My game stutters pretty bad now too.

It can freeze for several seconds sometimes. I was going to try turning off the Valentine’s day hearts and see if that helps. It’s both when opening the menu and when I’m fighting. While actually playing the game it’s super annoying.

I’m doing the story again and the follow-NPC missions are messed up. Also when I’m supposed to speak with NPCs the prompt to press Square doesn’t show up and I have to constantly jump around and stuff until it finally appears.

It’s still playable so far, but it’s running very poorly. If the only solution is reinstalling the game I’m going to be annoyed.

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Hate to say it, but might have to. The game has never ran this great on the system. Once I open ECHO my inventory pulls up immediately, I am not waiting seconds like I used to.

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Does PS4 (any variant) have the equivalent of the XB1 power reset, which simply clears all cached data without a full reinstall? I’ve found that I need to do that periodically to keep BL3 running smoothly.

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It does I think.

On GBX support page they mention there is no explicit way to clear cache, which often fixes issues. They recommend turning the PS4 off and on. I’ve tried, but still having issues. I’m going to wait for a response from GBX, I submitted a ticket.

If it comes to re-install, I’ll let everyone know how it goes. I hope all my gear etc… gets backed up with character. Perhaps we’ll find out :slight_smile:

You can roll you own backup on USB as well as the cloud backup if you have PS+. Not sure if you have the latter set up to automatically sync, but you should be able to do a manual sync.

Make sure you back up all the save data - both the individual character saves and your profile.sav. The latter is the one with all cosmetics, common items, GR, keys, bank…

You’ll find instructions on Sony’s support pages. IIRC there’s an option to only remove and reinstall the game separate from the save files.

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Yes, turn off the ps4 and unplug it for 30s.

I’m going to try that before I play next time.

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Upload your save data to the cloud before re-installing if you’re concerned with the possibility of losing gear. Also, you probably already know, but as long as you’ve got your console activated as your primary PS4 in the console settings menu under account management, it should be doing that (uploading data to the cloud) automatically for you. Never hurts to do it manually though just for safety and peace of mind. Making a backup save on a USB flash/thumb drive is also another option.

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if you’re planning to re-install that is

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After about two hours of play the menu freezing gets worse. It will eventually entirely lock up the PS 4. I’ve also noticed there’s about an 80% chance the game will crash when being started.

It’s fine for about 45 minutes. Then it progressively gets worse to the point of crashing. BL 2 is fine. All other games are fine.

Waiting to hear back from GBX ticket?? Most places at least will notify you with a ticket number. I’m not going to attempt re-install until I hear back from GBX. Even if they find and fix the problem, I doubt I can get the game started to apply patch.

Does Tech Support read this forum, or is it strictly community based. My well of good will is running dry.

I turned off the event and I think it fixed my game stuttering.

Whats weird is I’m playing in the dlc area, there’s not even hearts there but turning it off fixed it.

Clearing ps4 cache did nothing, though it never does for me anyway. It’s something in the update clashing with something else I’m guessing. Only way to explain why it does it for some of us and not others.

Did you try turning the event off?

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My game also noticeable slower after the valentine patch, not try disable the event yet because its so fun :upside_down_face:

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Are you and @twoPIZZA on PS4 or PS4 Pro?