Anyone encountered this yet? Caldarius bug

I recently tried completing master of caldarius challege for the title and skin. upon completing my lore challege with melee kills on same team as rath, i dc’d and had to redo it. it said i completed the master challenge but when i logged in the lore challeng wasnt done but my master was even tho i wasnt rewarded the skin. i tried completing it and upon so the master challenge for him still didnt reward me. Please help if you can!!!

i would change the title of our post to something like "caldarius lore completion bug? has anyone seen this?"
that sucks, though. i hope you get it figured out. i personally dont get into lore but definitely have a profound respect for the completionist type. this is my way of bumping your thread for you. good luck

Eesh. You tried rebooting, I assume? My only advice is play with him a bit. Did you play the one match after to unlock master? After lore and rank 15, you have to do one more match

If your concern here is only the skin, then you need to hit Rank 15 in order to get it. Same with the title.
Just think of the Deande screenshots as Caldarius.

One thread should be sufficient. I’ve left the one in tech support open.