Anyone ever have gold keys disappear?

I typed in the most recent shift code. It worked, which brought my count to 40 keys. I logged in again and now it says 35 keys so they disappeared from my account. Has this happened to anyone?

On my PS4 I regularly lose all my golden keys. I’ve lost more than 200 over the last two years.

Nothing to indicate what causes this, I’ll just launch one day and ->pif<- they’re gone.


Jeeze that sucks! I just wondered what was causing this, 5 keys ain’t no biggie but I would def be upset if I lost 200. That’s crazy.

I can think of two scenarios, one of which is more likely than the other.

  1. The keys are stored in a file called profile.sav, which on PS4 should in the same folder as your different character save files. If cloud sync is enabled and it messes up somehow, the newer local version can get overwritten by an older remote one. (Or, if the local one gets corrupted during a write operation, the remote one may be used to restore it)

  2. Someone mysteriously has access to your PSN account name and password, and is signing in as you on their PS4, redeeming some keys, then passing the goodies off to their main account and quitting so there’s no evidence other than the missing keys.

I would suggest that as far as possible you keep your own local backups of all the BL2 save files on a USB, and make sure you update the copy of your profile.sav whenever you unlock keys or cosmetics.

You can also trigger BL2’s built-in backup save file system by swapping characters/modes (you can see the vault symbol icon rotating indicating a file being written when you do that). I think you can also trigger a backup of the profile.sav (or at least an update of it) and your character save by toggling your BAR perks off/on.

It’s a bit of an odd system: if you lose keys from your profile.sav you can’t get them a second time because the redemption is logged against your account on the SHIFT servers, but the actual contents of your profile.sav only exist on your console (and any platform-specific cloud backup system).

The best you can get from a support ticket is more keys added via SHIFT, which will appear next time you sign in to the game.

I’m still playing on ps3 lol but ty for response. I’ll let it slide over 5 keys cause I’ve had major problems with filing tickets before, not with GB but another totally incompetent company, and it always ended with my game getting more bugged than it was.

It is annoying. Fortunately I don’t care much about GKs since thousands of hours of PS4 play have given me a locker full o’ great gear.
I actually only use GKs to get the Purple Reign challenge done quickly for a new character.

Same thing on PS3 to the best of my understanding.