Anyone ever seen anything like this?

A few days ago me and a buddy were running around finishing up some of his sidequests and teleported to the hunting lodge on Eden 6. We load up, and I immediately run to the gun vending machine to look for somethin I been looking for and the gun of the day is, well, odd. I tried to get a pic but didn’t manage as I was more concerned with trying to buy it. Probably bugged or some weird issue, but wanted to see if anyone else had seen anything similar.

So, the gun of the day as displayed was an Atlas pistol, level 0, with an infinity symbol on it. Obviously not something that should be in such a place and definitely not for purchase. It looked like it had an Infinity barrel, a torgue duke body, and a vladof grip, was blue in color, and kept flickering for the brief half of a second I saw it.

Any ideas? Buggy game gonna be buggy or is there something else afoot?