Anyone feeling the same way

I’ve enjoyed returning to this series after 5-6 years off, though is anyone else bummed out about the ending and can’t carry on??

Just to be clear, I’m not upset with how the story went or the game - just that I loved playing Lilith and Maya in previous games and for both to be gone - replaying will make me sad again!

While I was playing I had hoped that Maya may come back somehow in the end if the Calypso twins died. I was super happy to see Lilith get her powers back, but that didn’t last long :frowning:


Not me, personally, but a good friend of mine – who I played through BL1, BL2, and TPS with – quit after seeing Maya’s death. I don’t blame her, either. It was rushed and poorly done, having the air of “we need to kill her so Ava can have her arc” rather than “it’s time for Maya to go, this is the right moment”.

All in all, the arc of the story in this game feels much more like a reboot than a sequel. The team clearly decided to make this installment their own and reimagine the series, which shows. A number of quality characters have underwhelming deaths just for the sake of advancing the plot.


Couple of things:. Note spoilers below so read at your own risk.

1.) Maya’s death was heavily foreshadowed if the comics are to be believed. Something about them finding their successor when their song is coming to an end.

2.) I don’t believe Lilith is dead for the reason above. It’s not clear and she could be, but she was also the most powerful siren in the universe. I think we’ll find out more in the DLC.

3.)Tannis being Angels replacement finally proves you don’t need to be a child to be a siren. Right now (assuming Lilith is still alive) there are 2 unknown sirens out there. A fresh one, and one that has been out there for a good bit.

4.) Due to the hard limits of sirens it was fairly clear they were going to be the “Roland” of this game. I feel, that it could have been handled better though. There needed to be more Maya & Eva missions. It should have been more Epic. In BL2 Roland was in every aspect of the game.

Why do I continuously willfully ignore spoiler tags?!?



Right, example 4 is what I mean. As a matter of storytelling quality, it was rushed. You meet her, she dies one planet later in the most anticlimactic fashion possible, then that’s it.

It’s like Deckard Cain being offed at the start of Diablo 3. Sure, it serves its point as a plot device, but does it really add to the story in any meaningful way other than to advance the heavily MacGuffin-laden narrative?


I think the emotional gut punch varies. I agree mind you but to me it was obvious and as I was not a Maya main (or Roland for that matter) it never really bothered me.

When they killed Bloodwing though I lost my shazz (Mordecai main). As a horrible FPS player and coming out Halo and Halo 2 (no lb) the action skill was mapped to the the grenades and Bloodwing was constantly out when I didn’t mean to launch him.

I mean he was out a lot, my friends would be on voice chat laughing their asses off because every time I started causing out the bird they new I did it again. it just was something I could never get

Yes I think it was expected we would see at least one fan favourite pass away - but I agree with you, it’s the suddeness and rushed quality of the deaths that has hit me hard.

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You didnt have to blur the text, this is the spoiler forum. And yeah that ending… didnt expect that, frankly it kind of sucked, at least for loot in PT1. Every single one of the vault rooms I went in had green loot. And the end boss hardly had any loot. Where are the days of the giant loot explosions like BL2 had?

As far as the story, it ended ok, and rushed, and not well thought out. Hell some of the side missions were more fun and interesting. I’d prefer they didnt lead into a BL4 anyway.


Despite that, there are spoiler tags embedded in every new topic post in this section by default.

I do but I just get attack for suggestions in trying to be them back in form of a dlc from a vault or a artifact

Only 3 deaths have ever bothered me in the borderlands series.

Handsome Jack

no emotion at all for me seeing maya go down always hated her character (fun to play though)

Lil was ok prob not seen the last of her.

Roland was mr dull as dishwater anyway so seeing him go down was actually a highlight for me in 2

Actually, it’s my favourite ending in the series so far. Maya’s death had no impact on me. And Lilith may or may not be dead, but I like how she apparently went out. I’m curious if the DLC will involve determining her actual fate.

I finally finished TVHM yesterday. And now that I have played through the game twice, the story as a whole is growing on me. Are there still flaws, YES. Are there still things I don’t like about the story? YES. The one thing I take away from the second play through is I missed parts here and there because of having to put the game down or people in the house talking during key pieces. On my second time through I focused on the main story and breezed through it. Things like the deaths now make more sense and are not out of reason. Maya’s death was still very cheap though. But it allowed for her powers to be passed to Ava. Which we all will have to accept and get use to. Lilith we don’t know the final outcome. Tannis states that she could die in those final moments, but we are not given a hard confirmation. Until that happens I am running with the idea that she ascended into something greater that has not been divulged in all of the lore of Sirens. Neither of which impacted me enough to not continue on. However, it would have been nice to see more of Typhon before he died.

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Lilith is now the Woman In The Moon.

Lilith isn’t dead, go In Her room and interact with the vault key/map whatever you want to call it and it will show a planet with wings on it then proceed to make the sound of a hawk, definitely not dead, and honestly can’t believe I’m the only person to have seen this.

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