Anyone figured out specifics for Atman skill in 4th skill tree?

My persistent confusion on the bugged/not bugged state of Samsara aside, this is my biggest curiosity with Amara’s current status. Has anyone figured out what Atman does and doesn’t boost? It’s labeled only as “Skill” damage and not Action Skill or Kill Skill, and I’m hard pressed to consider they’d give us an additive/multiplicative boost to all her skills, regardless of it being far down the tree or not.

I “think” it’s just Action Skill damage. Of course, that applies to a number of things that aren’t actually her action skill, such as Indiscriminate, Remnant, Do Unto Others. It’s roughly speaking the same as having +AS damage on your COM, and it’s additive with that. In limited testing, it worked as expected along those lines.

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I agree with sean42, it seems to be an action skill damage increase similar to Do Harm. Which means it increases all actual action skills but also all skills that are internally treated as action skill damage, e.g. Indiscriminate and Remnant.

Basically, every skill that receives Mayhem scaling will be increased by Do Harm and Atman. This means it does not affect non-AS-damage skills like Wrath or Dread.

In the purple tree, there are actually quite a few skills that are AS damage, and hence are increased by Atman: from my testing so far, this includes Unweave the Rainbow, Body and Mind, and Free the Soul. Go with the Flow is a gun damage bonus like Wrath and Dread, and thus doesn’t get Mayhem scaling and isn’t affected by Atman.

EDIT: I just did a little test and Atman is additive with Do Harm. This confirms it’s the same type of damage increase.

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Thanks for the responses, will have to see if its all worth tweaking her layout to work it in.