Anyone find a good OP10 derp Duuurp yet?

You know, for the Pimp/RL glitch. Farmed for hours (4 Torgue machines, every 5-8 minutes) and not much luck. My old OP8 (level 80), ‘perfect’ one still better than what I’ve been finding. Just thought I’d put this out there, in case! Not much to trade (yet) though I found a number of (imperfect) DHUPs you can have.

Ideal being: Torgue Barrel, Torgue Grip and Bandit Exhaust (6 in mag)

Just gate glitch Master Gee. Any Ahab will have more damage than the perfect nuke em

I believe the OP is after a purple Derp Torgue RL which is what Sal’s combine with a
slag pimp to great effect at killing anything that moves and sometimes it don’t even
have the chance to move!

The nukem on the other hand, is pretty meh with Sal.

Not sure, but the ahab may work better with some bosses as it can bypass
a shield?

I know what he was talking about. I said the derp nuke em because it is the highest card damage rocket launcher in the game besides the Ahab. It works because each pellet from the pimpernel has the damage of the RL and deals it as explosive damage.

I said the Ahab because it totally out does the nuke em for the pimperhab glitch. Hence why its called pimperhab

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OK, I’m sorry, you appear to know loads more about this. Can you please explain? I’m
confused now,!!!

Well, this post goes into great detail –

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Awesome, thanks for the link…it does got into a LOT of detail! lol

Just consider the added NKLO from points in lay waste with those juicy 72+ skill points. Vora dies nicely when the minions spawn and I don’t even have a very tweak roll on creamer.

NKLO was already a bit op before…

I’ve farmed world burn… emm even one with a maliwan exhaust melts vora in under a minute shield and all. Hyperious, dead before the bots can spawn. Haderax dead, just don’t get hit with dot.

It sucks on Pete, a 3 mag creamer fries him.

So perfect parts are kinda a completionist or speed kill thing. A decent slag pimp and that thing + bone relic, simply burn off anything’s face. At least I can farm vora for interfacers cause more fun. :slight_smile:

I could take down Vora in one Gunzerk back in the old OP8. Heard JotlzDude (well known youtuber) used to do it i one gunzerk too but now, at OP10, takes him 4 gunzerks? Haven’t tried Vora at OP10 yet – I don’t have a whole lot of choice OP10 gear. Thanks for the idea to farm for the World Burn! Tried OP10 Hyperious & Haderax but couldn’t do much damage with my current setup :cry:

Hey I am currently trying to replace my old level 80 pimperduuurp build with op10 items. Got some parts but lacking weapons. Add me on pan incase I come across any as I will happily share!
Psn PukkaBags

it’s your friend. the difference is amazing even with non ideal parts. one op10 sniper, a crit based one dropped so i took that, world burn with 6-7 rounds in the mag, ~500mill damage. and it doesn’t take too long to drop an op10 one.

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You want a Deep a Duuurp!, not a derp one.

A Derp Duuurp with a Bandit Exhaust is the only one that spawns with 6 in the mag (= 12 with 4 points in Filled to the Brim & a mag size com). Actually found a Derp Duuurp without the Bandit exhaust but it was OP9 & only 5 in mag so my Deep a Duuurp, at OP10 (also 5 in the mag) is better.

The ideal Derp Duuurp: Torgue Barrel, Torgue Grip and Bandit Exhaust WITHOUT any of these (since they all increase Projectile Speed, bad with pimpernel ) – the Stock Cover, Laser Sight accessories, Maliwan Barrels/Sights/Exhausts, & Vladof Barrels.

launcher parts:

“It’s not a glitch, it’s a feature”

Only on reddit :man_facepalming:

wield a sniper and a rocket launcher? sure, why not.