Anyone find a relliable freezing weapon yet? and know where to get it from

reached lv50 on my melee amara and apparently frozen targets take 300% melee dmg. havent found a good weapon to freezwe yet. thanks for info

Bro just as a fan of them game, farm and loot. You’ll eventually find one. I did find a shotgun that shot two projectiles and was cryo but it eventually got out leveled. It was a tourge I believe. But like I said just farm and you’ll find one. Im sure there is a legendary out there thats a good cryo.

I got a Dahl sniper that was good cryo. Got sent to me when I got 100 kills with Dahl weapon. Cheers Dahl

Interloper Shotgun, has like 200-300ish% freeze and on top 75%ish chance for high radiation aoe dot :slight_smile:

My advice? Pick a boss on mayhem 1, 2 or 3 and start farming! I got a cryo fastball yesterday and its pretty nice. Also got a few maliwan cryo shotguns which freeze enemies on 2 shots most of the time.

Cryo butcher, currently playing Fl4k and it melts anything and everything. Even on mayhem 3

It’s a mission reward, I’ll edit this comment once I find the name, it’s a cryo sniper rifle with like 150% efficiency. It may have good cryo efficiency, but it’s very ammo heavy.

found an smg with cryo, so there are a lot of different variances. Also have + cryo on my artifact so that helps too. This picture is from internet, but it’s the one i use - Hawkin

Love the cryo nighthawkin.

Freezes almost everything and it is laser accurate.

Technically any guns that can get Cryo can work well, the issue is that unlike the other elements, Cryo has an Effeciency value that determines how fast it freezes, whereas the others only deal with DoT chance and DoT damage.

So if you have a Cryo gun that only has 13% efficiency, its not going to do well. 40 or 50% or above, and then you’re working with gas.

Cryo laser sploder one of the top imo. Cro crossroad is freaking ridiculous as well if you’re lucky enough to get one with it.
I got a cryo conference call atm. Great for proving grounds.

also you can get artifacts with +cryo effect and damage. I have a hawkin for my death goddess Moze and it works wonders with ammo regen - plus it’s one of the few anointed weapons +reload + accuracy for 2 clips that i actually use.

Cryo Trevonator seems to freeze everything for me. And you get a second element if you want. I’m trying to get Cryo + Radiation. Currently have Cryo + Shock which is okay

This is my cryo trevonator. This thing is awesome at freezing.


Here’s another vote for the cryo Trevonator. That and a cryo Cloning Hex grenade do good work.

Cryo Trevonator is great and strong too, but uses ammo up real quick.
I also run a Cryo Jackhammer.

I found an Auditing Crossroad SMG, red text: Open the gates for me. More of an smg shotgun really, that froze almost everything I shot. Dropped by Private Beans, maybe?

My favorite is a Legendary Maliwan shockwave shotgun… This is the one that gets a boost from charging up

My current version has a base 267% cryo I think.