Anyone for OP5 Attempts

Strugging getting through OP5. All the loaders make my hellborn kind of weak, so went melee and everything is smoking me from range. Kind of frustrating, went through op4 w/ lvl 72 gear and it was a breeze. Farmed up full op4 gear and can barely get out of the starting gates in op5.

You should probably list your GT / PSN ID / Steam ID, your platform (PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 or Xbox One) and what your time zone is. For example, I live is East Coast USA which is GMT -5 hours. That way, people who might be able to help you with OP5+ will know how to reach you and one of the Forum Moderators can move this thread to the appropriate Platform section.

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Since you’ve posted in the PC section before, I will move your thread there.

Happy looting, friendo.

Thumbs up for farming OP4 equipment. As Krieg you need a Maya at your side (no offence). I may join you. Just send an invite.