Anyone found Double Downer in Earl's veteran machine

Hey everyone!
Ok as the topic title says I’ve been spending the past few days trying to get an M10 Double Downer, but so far I think I have found everything BUT that.
I did clear the mission a while back I think the one I have is a lv47 .
I have been hitting the machine/resetting and also doing a Sanctuary/vestige bank/sanctuary round trip . I have a boatload of legendaries and even have gotten items like infinities, but no Double Downer!
Has anyone gotten one form Earl or another vending machine I was thinking about hitting the casino machines but looking for adcive?
If anyone has one you can send it to me im not to proud to beg lol
Psn: WhippetRun


If double downer is the shield I’m thinking of, from the Jack DLC, you can’t get it in Earl’s machine. Earl’s Veterans’ machine only supplies BASE GAME mission rewards.


It’s a bit rubbish only getting main game specials in Earl’s machine. You would have thought it would be simple enough to put a hasDLC? command in there.


That’s probably the thing, that it isn’t as simple as that. I think the way the game is coded it’s possible that they would have to place a Veteran reward machine in the DLC areas themselves for that to work.


Oh man that stinks.
I was hoping it would be in there i thought if you did the side mission it would added to the pool.

Its weird because I’m getting funky items I never seen before (like a moxxi shield that gives you “healthgasms” )
Dumb question, can go to tvhm and redo that mission , without doing the main story, I can go right to Jack’s Casino ?

I did see “Pa’s Rifle” in there a few times isn’t that a side mission?

Yeah, that old couple in the Splinterlands gives it to you if you do like three missions for them. On that note, while that boss doesn’t necessarily drop it, he should be there for more kills now, no? (that big skag up on the hill).

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That’s what i meant if earl is only giving main story items then that shouldn’t be in the vending machine but it is

@WhippetRun, base game mission items, not base game main story mission items.

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Would the Red Suit shield count as a “base game main story mission item” because I saw it twice in the veteran machine.

Oh i get it not DLC .
Well that sucks the big one lol

To another post, I bought the red suit 100% radiation protection while giving radiation danage pretty cool

Yes. Pretty much any quest reward from the original game, exclusive of the DLC/timed events, can show up. I’m hoping for Rogue’s Sight. I found a “Suc” and I thought that’s an item you lose at the end of the mission. I certainly never kept one around.

Funny thing is, people wanted to get upgraded versions of the DLC1 quest and challenge items, when we were asking for something like the VRM. Like most things, we got a half-baked version of someone’s idea, who apparently only skims the titles of threads and doesn’t bother reading the posts.


You won’t find this one since it’s never rewarded after that mission. It’s just a one time mission item that goes away.

As said above, they haven’t added the dlc weapons in yet. Hopefully they do in the future. Also shields don’t scale, so it’d be base lvl60 m0. In the mean time what platform are you on? I may have a spare I can send you.

OH that’s too bad. I though the Big Succ was a similar deal, but I guess we got to keep that one. I don’t remember ever using it outside of the mission, so it must really suck.

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It wasn’t great lol, but you did get to keep that one. You used to be able to put the rogue site on your wall before completing that mission and keep it that way, but that got patched out. Hmm I had one on my Amara’s wall. Wonder if it’s still there. Haven’t played her since that patch.

I wonder why they patched it out. Was it terribly OP? Seems like one of those “Fun Detected” decisions without any real substance behind the reason.

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Not sure, maybe it broke something. It wasn’t supposed to be a gun you could keep. I don’t recall it being all that strong either. Too bad it was from a main story mission otherwise you could just not complete it like the grog nozzle in bl2.


GBX made a legendary version of the blue Redistributor quest item. Maybe they’ll release a legendary version of the Rogue’s Sight in a future content patch. If they can’t add it to the VRM. They missed a chance to have a cool weapon that would be useful down the road.


That would be awesome if you have one.
Mine is a lv50 and comes in handy, but with some of the m10 modifiers it gets shredded pretty quickly!
Ps4, psn WhippetRun

I remembered the magic missiles I kept, even though they were a horrible low level, they regenerated grenades over time do i just kept them around