Anyone gather the things Atticus rambles on about?

I’m leveling him up, almost mastered, and have heard so many things just paying attention to what he says.

He doesn’t like killing his own kind.

Seems to like playing with Verelsi

Rendain is like a dogs chew toy to him.

…What else?

I like how he sarcastically says he likes killing other thralls, it saddens me when he pleas “lay down your arms brothers”

Oh he hates ambra because he believes she thinks she is above everyone (well at least all thralls)

Haven’t caught his Ambra lines but he is hard to understand at times. :smile:

Yeah it’s so freakin deep and guttural

Pretty sure he’s not being sarcastic. He straight up says, “I don’t like killing my own kind.” (I know a lot of people miss the “don’t”). That’s not sarcasm; that’s regret. Sarcastically saying he doesn’t like killing his own kind would be completely out of character for him. He led the Third Thrall Rebellion because he hates seeing his own kind treated like chattel. If he didn’t care about the thralls, he would just bugger off on his own since it’s not like anything is forcing him to help them out.

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Are you sure, I heard both and he says, “oh how I just love killing my own kind” for one of them or something like that

The line is specifically “I don’t much like killing my own kind”. Like I said, a lot of people miss the “don’t”.

I’m Master of Attikus so I’ve played him a lot. He never says anything about enjoying killing thralls.

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Oh my bad then, you know any other specific character lines he has

“Come back when you’ve gained a few hundred pounds. And grown horns. And suffered endlessly.”

I didn’t catch the last part, maybe you guys can help? “And fastened/fashioned your fury in a rage gauntlet!” …? Something like that. It was hard to make it out.

When he sees another thrall from a distance, (ANY thrall, even another Attikus) he says “Jim? (Or something similar) That you? …nope, not Jim.”

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I think that is only on seeing another attikus

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No, I’ve had him do it against the Thrall Brutes in incursion when I was the only attikus in the game and a few times in story mode.

Oh, well ok then, you know if he has lines specific to caldarius

Haven’t heard any if so, I’ll have to do some private pvp and crank up the volume to listen to some of the stuff he says.

Ok thankso (ambra?)

Might help some.



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If you haven’t watched those videos yet, I highly recommend watching the ones for Orendi and Spider Sentry. F*cking gold.

Credit to @JoesOs for introducing me to them.


That this is interspersed with like 5 minutes of Attikus grunting, moaning, and screaming in a guttural manner in there. If you listen to it straight, it sounds like the pained screaming of someone have a really bad time in the lavatory (especially interspersed with some of his angry yelling and cursing, as well as some of his “wounded” and “dying” lines).

He’s got 3 different lines where he calls someone a “sodding git”, which I love.

The “I don’t much enjoy killing my own kind” line is at 9:19.

[details=Other lines I found interesting]
Calmly informing everyone that “I’m working through a lot of pent up anger here” at 12:21. And his “Your skull will make a fine trophy” line is actually mirrored with a later line “My skull will make a fine trophy” at 13:30. “Oh, you look like you could use a crushing, angry hug” said in a friendly tone at 16:06. At 16:38: “Oy Jeff, that you mate? Nope, not Jeff”.[/details]

Also, Attikus’ lines about Caldarius are hilarious; asking him whether he’s a robot and then outright calling him one.