Anyone gather the things Atticus rambles on about?

(SnazzySquid) #21

Also why he yells out “Nooooo!” after killing Thralls, or “I’ll have Rendain’s teeth for this!”.

He knows he has to kill his own kind in order to save them. That doesn’t make it easy, just possible.

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #22

They added lines for wound? Any examples

(¡Apagando las luces!) #23

Not specifically for that ability, just him talking about literal wounds. These are the voice lines extracted from the base game, at launch.

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #24

Oh, thanks for the info

(Like the cereal...) #25

Damn, I wish I was a spider. Huh. Wonder how Geoff’s doing. I mean, Geoff said he was a spider. Wonder if I could be a spider…

(Rick) #26

Some favourites:

“Jacked up, thrall, inbound!” Upon seeing another attikus

“SEE YOU IN YOUR NIGHTMARES!” Upon killing another player

“I have difficulty expressing myself!” While smashing someone’s face in

“Got some BAD science for you!” When activating hedronic arc