Anyone getting rid of DLC weapons?

Silly question but is anyone getting rid of some DLC weapons from moxxis DLC that I could have? Would they be usable if you don’t own the season pass?

Are you on Xbox

I’m not sure if they will work if you don’t have the dlc

As in previous Borderlands games I’m pretty sure you cannot use/access them unless you own the dlc.

I have a 2nd account without the dlc/season pass and it can’t use one of the new skins

I won’t ever own the season pass that’s why I’m asking. IMO it’s not fair to lock DLC weapons to non season pass holders. Good game but can be alot better, like it use to be at launch. Just too many updates that are making the game terrible and the level balancing is becoming worst. Not worth $50 for a season pass when the game keeps getting worst.

Not quite the same here. The Season Pass is four different DLC’s including this current one. If you have this DLC but not the Season Pass you’d still be able to use the weapons. And I don’t know about fairness, but this is not a competitive game and the people who got those new weapons have payed to get access to them.


It’s simple. If you want DLC gear, then buy the DLC.

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