Anyone got a good Crit FL4K build for M4?

Literally just what the title says, I have a x25 Jakobs Shotgun and I wanna make a critical build around it.

Look up Dakquan on youtube. He and the people he features have the best fl4k builds that everyone uses, copies, and makes variations of.

No need for a YT search. Their builds are here on this forums for starters:


Fastest takedown in the world on his channel with this build and ratore playing (think this is his name) honestly mind blowing yo watch

This page has me in stitches.

First off, way to comment on a basically dead thread and im confused about what you mean?

You asked for builds and they gave you a person.
This forum is full of builds though so I’m sure finding the one to suit you was/ will be easy.

Flak M4 solo takedown build Is a build that i made myself and have alot of fun with. I only run M4, so it should work just about anywhere.

Oh lol, yea I guess you’re right. Although that person did have a good FL4K build so.

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True, still just as funny.

Easier than typing it out or sending pictures :ok_hand:t2:

You have an endorsement in your clipboard?
Now that’s looking out for your fam👌