Anyone got a grog nozzle?

(Excism) #1

I kinda doubt it since it came from that event that came out before handsome collection, but maybe someone uploaded theirs?


I got a lot of stuff I can trade, just ask and I may have it.
Legendary sickle, torch, legendary binder, legendary cat, legendary ninja, among other things. A lot of good things for sale strangaaa…

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #2

Join us, maybe someone online can assist you.

(I'm not a real doctor) #3

you can get one for free from Clap Trap in Dragon Keep can’t you?

(Vault Hunter, Guide, Forum Dad) #4

It’s a mission item, so you only have it as long as you have the mission still open. Which can be annoying, and a real pain if you’re in someone else’s game and they turn it in…

(Lavochkn) #5

I have one - assuming you are looking for a lvl72 one…

Add me on PSN: Lavochkn

(Excism) #6

Someone messaged me on PSN and got me a level 72 one and another person got me an OP8 one. Thank you to everyone who posted.