Anyone got a list of the different types within gun categories?

For instance, I think Maliwan has a few different types of shotguns, etc. I’m just curious if anyone’s broken down the categories within gun types.

Don’t know them all but I think I can contribute:


  • Automatic handguns that fire continuously after charge-up (“Atomizers”, “Blasters”)
  • Semi-auto handguns that charge each shot (“Melters”)


  • Automatic rifles that fire continuously after charge-up (“Multiplexes”)
  • Rifles that shot a burst after charge-up (“Proton rifles”)
  • Semi-auto rifles that charge each shot (“Particle rifles”)
  • Alien barrel rifles that shoot a hitscan laser with no charge-up (“Antimatter rifles”)


  • Automatic machineguns that fire continuously after charge-up (“Pulsars”, “Nebulas”)
  • Guns that shoot a hitscan, limited range, continuous beam after charge-up (“Quasars”)


  • Shotguns that fire off a 3-shot burst of pellets after charge-up (“Cyclotrons”)
  • Automatic shotguns that continuously fire after charge-up (“Terminators”)
  • Semi-auto shotguns where each shot can be charged. Has limited range (“Shockwaves”)
  • Alien-barrel shotgun that shoots a slow-ish projectile with no charge-up (Don’t know the name)
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