Anyone got a rakk pak class mod?

Im sick of attempting to farm the trial of cunning. Its brutal on mayhem 4. Im willing to trade or whatever.

Any specific stats for the R4kk P4k

Naw ill take anything at this point. Dahl buffs would be nice though

I have one with 45% jakobs weapon critical damage, 10% jakobs weapon damage i will send it your wat

Dude your the best thanks! My psn is shockslasher

Youre the absolute init dude thank you! Is there anything youre looking for? Maybe i can send ya something as thanks

Im good just trying to help out


Alright well thanks again. U have no idea how happy youve made me :slight_smile:

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I don’t suppose you have another rakk pak mod do you dude? I’m in the same boat of wanting one :sweat_smile:

I have a few

I haven’t got much, I’ve got a Venomous hornet with 100% ASE, what you after?

I already have a hornet like that no biggie, what’s your psn

Cheers dude! It’s M3RK-R4ID3R

Sent the friend request I’ll send the mod in a minute

Are you able to send it without me adding you? As I’m currently at work and won’t be back home until 5pm

I’m not unfortunately, add me when you get home and I’ll send it tomorrow after work

Okay, will do, cheers dude

I’ve added you so send it over whenever you can my dude, really appreciate it!

Ok not to be a lemming but looking for Rakk Pak as well if any are left over might have something ya want as well give me a yell. PSN Coyote33W

I’m at work right now, I wont be home for 9 hours, but my psn is zodiac1226 go ahead and add me I’ll send one when ik get off