Anyone got a spare Loot Hunt Grog Nozzle?

I am wondering if anyone is sitting on a spare Grog Nozzle from the 2013 Loot Hunt on Steam. I would love to have a permanent grog, to save the time rerunning TTAoDK every reset to unlock it.
Parts does not matter, but lvl 72 or OP is would be prefered.

Moved you to the right spot and edited your post to conform to the FORUM RULES - good luck!

Be aware that when the Loot Hunt happened, the max level was 72/OP8 (which get converted to level 80/OP0 now), so any level 80/OP8 one is definitely not from the Loot Hunt but cheated in. Which the mods don’t like around here – for good reason, see the forum rules.

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