Anyone got a tourge build or turret build they can show me? (UCP 4.0)

If anyone can give me their skill tree and tell me what gear they use that would be awesome!

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My Torgue Commando Build:

My gear selection includes one instance of each red-texted, Torgue-branded grenade, shield, and weapon, along with an explosive Spike shield and Rock Hulk. He also gets to use Anshin and Pangolin stuff if so desired. I pick my playstyle based on the map/mission, then select the gear based on that. My favorite default: Seeker, Landscaper, Creamer, and Devastator with a Legendary Ranger COM, Torgue Allegiance relic, explosive Spike shield, and longbow Bonus Package grenade, but I really do mix it up every time I play. If you’ve got a particular map/mission, I’ll let you know what I’d run with.


hmm is there any change with the community patch? or is it basically the same?

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From my change log (I forget which I wrote and which are stock):

  • Removed self damage from Tunguska
  • Removed self damage from Landscaper, changed damage to grenade type, and buffed damage
  • Give Kerblaster shot grenade damage (the torpedo, not the actual grenade)
  • Ahab got a buff (damage type change, I think)
  • Devastator buff (damage increase, I think)
  • Seeker buff (damage increase, I think)
  • Pocket Rocket buff (speed and maybe damage)
  • Boom Puppy: no self damage and damage increase
  • Manly Man shield got a damage buff
  • Rolling Thunder got a buff (not sure what)
  • Axton’s turret got a damage buff and fire rate increase. I have this disabled in my patch.
  • Battlefront: replaced melee damage buff with crit damage buff
  • Crisis Management: replace melee damage buff with damage reduction. I have this disabled in my patch.
  • Double Up: remove 15% damage penalty.
  • Duty Calls: replaced fire rate buff with crit damage buff (and some other thing)
  • Forbearance: replaced health increase with damage reduction.
  • Gemini: fire rate and burst count increase
  • Impact: replaced melee damage with accuracy buff
  • Overload: changed percent, but it affects all weapons.
  • Laser Sight: accuracy buff plus damage buff per point
  • Nuke: doubled damage and quintupled fire DoT
  • Phalanx Shield: doubled capacity. I skipped the bit where it also increases Axton’s shield cap, but it also got a size increase, I think.
  • Ranger: 2% per point
  • Scorched Earth: remove damage penalty and buff Axton’s explosive damage
  • Sentry: replaced burst fire with fire rate increase per point
  • …bunch of class mod buffs (I forgot which I did and which are UCP stock)
  • Deadly Bloom rarity fixed
  • Big Boom Blaster got a Torgue skin

My Turret Axton post UCP:

I went for Capstones since the turrets got such a buff. I had a similar build in Vanilla but the way skills were shifted across trees made it possible to get some more useful skills on the way down to Gemini and Double Up.

I’m using a Legendary Soldier Class Mod for this build BTW.

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Maybe this

Imo the ucp swapping crisis management and resourceful was a bad change, it makes sense, but still a bad change. Also the boost to laser sight makes it more useful for a turret based build than ready imo

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Would you say this build is more better at mobbing or bossing? Or all around? Also what weapons, grenade mods, and relics do you use? Also for leveling in what order should I finish each skill tree?

I typically hit those first few skill in each tree first going for increasing Gun Damage and turret burst. As far as load outs for weapons and gear, An explosive relic is always useful when Fastballing. Getting a a Baby Maker isn’t that hard a farm from Madam Bartlesby in Tundra Express. Neither is getting a Badaboom from King Mong later. But to get into it, my level 72 Axton load out is full of stuff but this is what I tend to use outside of that I’ve already mentioned:

ARs: Orge, Kerblaster, Kittens, Purple Torgue Rockets (per ammo cost higher damage ratio that kerblaster minus the grenades)

SMGs: Tediore Plasma Casters in every element, a Lasceaux,

Pistons: Harold, Lady First, Gwen’s Heads in as many elements as I can find

Rocket Launchers: Etech Launchers, Creamer

Shotguns: Octo, Heartbreaker, Quad, Ravager, Butcher, Conference Call, Purple Stalkers for when ammo is tight

Snipers: It varies a lot. Lyuda use to be a favorite, but when the buffs from the UPC hit I really took a liking to Dahl E-techs with that reduced ammo cost, super high base damage, and burst. They are almost unfair. But otherwise, Volcano & Storm are useful if you can get them.

Now that the Hyperion Contract mission is repeatable I have been really enjoying the Morning Star as it doesn’t really suffer from the reverse recoil sway much at all and is laser accurate. You can just keep killing 100 bandits and getting more and more well over your inventory capacity. I also have been using the Sloth as well.

Grenade wise, Fastball, Storm Front, Magic Missiles cover a lot of bases, but also transfusions.

I don’t really do Raids, I just make my way through the game and swap gear as needed for particular scenarios. I try and balance my builds so I don’t really have to worry about respecing. I don’t really mess around with the OP levels either, but I probably should give it a go.