Anyone got advice on a bug I've encountered

First off, I have contacted CS but they are just giving me the usual reinstall the game etc which hasn’t ever worked and is just them doing what they do.

I have a level 50 Zayne who is my main but when I try to make a new character, as soon as I click to start the game the screen goes black and that is it. Doesn’t matter how long I wait. The odd thing is the only way to get out of the game is alt tab then task mananger and close the game down…weirdly whenever I close it down I hear the music from the game for a few seconds before it shuts down even though it’s silent before then.

I can play my main normally with no issues but I can’t make a new character…which is annoying.

Any player known workarounds which don’t involve clearing my cache or reinstalling the game?

is your game save folder set to read only? maybe it’s acting up because it can’t create a new save file or something

Tried that and it didn’t work.

are you drivers up to date? do you have any overlays running? have you tried starting a new character in windowed mode? do you run the game with dx11 or dx12?

btw, i’m just guessing over here, i’m playing on console myself so i’ve not been exposed to the joy of PC gaming. the amount of troubleshooting and problem solving to get a game running on PC these days were the biggest reason i gave up and became a console pleb hah. :slight_smile:

Yes, no, yes and Dx11.

can’t think of much else, i suppose a complete reinstall is worth a try … something is obviously corrupt, may it be the intro or whatever else. i don’t know.

IIRC there’s an option you can set on PC that will skip certain movies/intro cut scenes - do you have that enabled/disabled? Could be an issue with that - the game is trying to run the intro movie but can’t for some reason.

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I think I fixed it by renaming the Marcus intro movie. Seems to have worked.

It’s lame that the CS and Devs have no idea how to fix their own games and I have to get possible solutions from other users who’ve had their time wasted.