Anyone got an OP2 Elemental Stalker?

If anyone has an OP2 elemental stalker on 360, could we trade? I have A LOT of top-notch legit legendary gear, and a few good pearls.

Uh, not to burst your bubble or anything, but this is the TPS subforum, not BL2.

Got you moved.

wait, what? why does it say ps3 trading now?

That was my bad. You posted in PS3 for TPS first, thus I moved it to PS3 for BL2. It’s not often people post in the wrong game category and platform.
Got it re-moved to 360.

Thank you lol. i just signed up to this website not so long ago, so i don’t know sht about it.

Dont worry about. Hell I still learn new things and Ive been here for a while lol. Happy looting!

Thanks! just killed sheriff for the first time on this playthrough, and got a leg. psycho out of her chest and sherifs badge!