Anyone got any spare 80 gear? I can offer some very good lvl 72, 61 in return

Hi there
Got the DLC and went to play without realising the cap had gone up to 80. I’ve made it to 80 shamfleeting in Pete’s Bar but obviously all my lvl72 gear is redundant. If anyone has the good stuff spare at lvl 80 I have all the gear at 72, 61 and 50 if you stil have a character at those levels you want to play. ( not the greatest trade offer I know)

HeavenlyOrphan6 if anyone is feeling generous <3

Oh and no mic sorry, Been so long since I played I lost it. If I jump up and down loads that means I’m super excited!

To clarify, I am at level 80 currently…

Sorry to bother would you have a lv 50 rough rider

I’ll have a look! But I have a feeling I don’t have that shield in any level actually. It was for melee right? I’ve never played melee. I will have a look for you though. Someone may have given it to me and I didn’t use it but stashed it anyway…

Thanks for looking I appreciate it. If you do not have it no worries.

I’ll look now hang on, give me 5 min.

Nope sorry. In fact my lvl 50 gear isn’t as good as i remmeber. 61 nd 72 much better.