Anyone got corrosive cutsman with 125% boss/named enemy anointment perk?

looking for corrosive cutsman with 125% anointment on it, can offer few things just put down what your after and see if I have it :slight_smile:

Do you have and zane sentenal anoits or a cryo maggie

you mean as in SNTL anotiment ? as got cyro Lucian’s call, night hawkin and shock aaa pistol with it , but never seen it on the Maggie yet

You can get extra damage to frozen enemies on a maggie

yeah never seen one nor got one as drop but yeah rng drop I guess

Do you have SNTL anoits on a cryo lucians

yeah I do

Which anoit is it is it the life steal or damage 1

50% cyro damage

I’m not on till tomorrow now but will you trade it for the cutsman

Add me mike4582

will do :slight_smile:

You on tomorrow

should be at some point yeah

Just hit me up on here tomorrow and I will send it accross

I got that Maggie annoint do you have a vindicators ghast?

No sorry I really need that weapon tho I have the new rakk pakk mod

I’ve got a rounded ghast

I got that what, relics do you have, what annointed shields and grenades do you have, what sntl/ cryo dam anoints, what Zane mods? Maybe we can help eachother out.

Not much in the way of cryo anoits I’m struggling for damage on mayhem 4