Anyone got stuff they dont need/want?

Hi guys not sure how active round here is anymore but its worth a shot, I used to play BL2 on Xbox but have since moved to PC (as have my friends), Master race and all that, me and my friends are starting all over again and will hopefully do the headhunter DLC’s and such as well which we never did on console. Only problem is we now have none of the stuff we had before. I was wandering if if anyone had any legendary items they didn’t need nor want any more?

Also if anyone has a spare Kawaii Killer head for Maya… I would love your forever because its hard as hell geting Vemivorous to spawn.

If you can help either drop a reply or contact me on Steam my username there is Horkerkiin.

Thanks guys!

I am constantly selling off very good gear, but it’s all around the OP3 range, which is where I play. I can save stuff for you so when you get here, you’re good to go for a level anyway. What character are you? I just picked up a pretty good Trickster COM with +6 in Chain Reaction, which is always fun, for example.

I play as Maya, Not sure how long it will take us to reach that stage XD