Anyone got the Earned in Blood .103 maps?

The Steam version of Earned in Blood is 1.03 however it lacks the 1.03 maps (This also means you can’t apply the patch to get the maps.), has anyone managed to get these maps working on the steam version?

Yes I do. I spent years trying to find them because I think Through the Marsh is the best skirmish map in the whole game! Found the link below through reddit. Happy Gaming!


Yeah that’s actually my steam account, I found an old post with the maps, managed to get the link working (I thought it was non-fuinctional at first but you had to delete part of the URL as an extra character was added since steam doesn’t like the website it was hosted on).

I actually forgot about this post after I found them again and made that steam guide, thanks for bringing it up though so anyone else who wants the maps and stumbles onto this will know about it, I probably should have updated it with a link to the steam guide for anyone else who wanted the maps.