Anyone had campaign missions totally glitch out on them?

I’ve been playing since Sunday night, and I keep running into the weirdest campaign glitches. The first odd one was in mission 10. For whatever reason, the clouds that protect you from the radiation didn’t show up for me, so I had to kind of guess and play around with the edges the entire mission. Then on top of that, once I destroyed the research station, nothing happened. The objective got checked off, but I didn’t win, I didn’t get any more dialogue, I just sat there for a half hour waiting. Reloaded my save like 5 times trying to beat it. I finally had to start the level over and beat it again, and luckily it worked that time.

Now I’m on mission 14, and again there’s no objective. My units popped out of hyperspace, and I’ve been derping around the map for an hour capturing random enemy ships. No objective, blank mission list, no dialogue, nothing. I’m sure starting over like I previously did might fix it, but I’ve spent so long capturing things it hurts my heart to lose them all.

Did anyone else run into these? Did they find a way to fix them without a restart?

Yesrerday after mission5 loaded in Hw1 RM… I read that for many this mission seemed to crash…

I just hit the 14 bug. Prolly gonna restart mission… It’s not like it’s a hard one after all.

I’m on mission 9 and fleet command doesn’t update objectives or prompt me to do anything. I am unable to complete the mission even after doing everything you’re supposed to.

Notably, I did load the game from the autosave, perhaps that breaks the game.

I had a ‘cutscene’ in MIssion 3 glitch.

The black bars had appeared to tell me about something and I hit escape accidentally. The cutscene stopped and everything went black. I could choose command units and my mothership but it was all black, no background, no ships, nothing. UI was visible. I had to restart.

One of the Kedeshi motherships was invincible for some time (it healed a certain amount of HP, preventing me from killing it even with full firepower from 3 destroyers and 20 frigates). But it got fixed after i swtiched to the other mothership and then back to it.

Also, the mission when you need to destroy the Turanic Carrier also was gltiched a bit but nothing huge.

Diamond Shoals bugged out for me. I cleared the asteroid field but wasn’t able to Jump out and no mission objectives displayed.

I’m also stuck on the super nova mission. I can’t see any of the dust paths that you’re suppose to navigate through.

Disable anti-aliasing.

I went straight to skirmish mode on HW1R (Kushan vs Kushan) when I got the game downloaded. It has glitched both games I’ve played so far. The 1st game crashed to desktop after about 40 minutes. The second game would not allow me into the the research tree for a resource controller. My computer opponent was able to research/build them however.

I’ve had glitches here and there, most were initially minor. Return to Kharak had problems with the enemy Frigates and the cryotrays.

Diamond Shoals caused grouped destroyers told to attack asteroids to instead try to fly off the map.

The Garden crashed the game both in the classic mode and Remastered. Still havent managed to get past it in classic mode.

Mission 10 has some enemy frigates flying off the map and becoming unkillable, or the minelayer research not triggering both breaking the mission. Been stuck trying to deal with those for a week now.