Anyone happen to have an extra loot event Grog Nozzle?

Taking a shot in the dark, but looking to see if someone out there might possibly have one :).

I have an op8 one tell me your psn and what you have

Ah, I don’t have anything that high a level. Still currently building my Sal. I transferred over from 360, so everything is being redone.

Can you transfer from 360 to ps4?

I never tried since I didn’t think it was possible? Not sure honestly. That would have saved me a lot of time though.

I can power level you if you add me psn:blob1437

Oh, appreciate it. I’ll be on this afternoon PST around 4. I’ll msg you when I get on.

my PSN is OHaiJon btw.

I may not be on then I’m in the UK

No worries, I’ve been playing to farm/gain XP anyway. I’ll add you and if I see you on, I’ll shoot you a PM.