Anyone has kawaii killer for maya? Plz i i need it >·< my psn is christimarie19 thnk u c:

Oh and shadaloo stylist for commando :3

Although I don’t have those at hand, I can at least try to get them for you, if you are patient with me. Maybe someone else in the meantime has them already as well.

I have those skins. I should be online in about 4 hours or so. I will send you a message then.

Yes please ill be on ryt now then :slight_smile:

Aww thanks you dont have to i try hours and couof0dnt get em to drop cx lol

Im online now. Psn wont let me send you a message.

Are u on ps4 or ps3?

Ps4 .

Srry ps3 :c

Im out of time today, but i can try to cross save my character back to ps3 and give them to you tomorrow.

Sure that be great thanks sorry for the trouble c:

Im online now. Send me a message on psn if you are online. Name is same.

Ok im onlinde ryt now c: ill mssg u