Anyone has this new bug: H.W.1.R Frigate and gravity well generator bug

Homeworld 1 Remastered: Frigate and gravity well generator bug.

Hello everyone.

I was playing H.W.R 1 when I noticed that if you use a gravity well on enemy strikecrafts, and order your assault frigate to engage them. There is always a bug that your frigates turns they back again the enemy, whether if they are in formation or not.

A video is better than thousand words: (little bit long but worth it, please watch it at 1080p for clear footage. Thanks :slight_smile:

I did these tests on the mission number 14: Bridge of Sighs. I tried all different situations: with and without formation, in a single large group or in multiple small groups. But the result always the same: your frigates start to “dance”, turn their back on the enemy and do all kind of stupid things.

They only work if I don’t turn on the gravity generator, then the frigates will try their best to keep in line and formation (they do turn around a little bit, but since enemy strikecrafts all surround them, this is acceptable.)

The detail of the tests are all in the video.

So anyone else is having this issues? and could Gearbox fix it please?

Noted: I am using Homeworld Remastered balance mod, but I did these tests with and without mod: give me same results. I use the mod in the video though.

This appears to be not limited to gravity well generators. I believe that this bug occurs WHENEVER you have assault frigates attacking corvettes or fighters. They will not turn to face them. I believe that this is because they are using the same AI as larger HW2 ships and ships with point defense guns, which just tells them to stand still and shoot. While this makes sense for HW2 ships which have almost 100% coverage, this is certainly not suitable for HW1 ships with primarily forward-facing cannons. Definitively a bug which needs to be addressed.

Not really. If you watch my video until the end, I ordered 3 frigates group to attack the strikecrafts. They did so normally. But as soon as I turn on the gravity generator, all frigates start to dance…

I have noticed this weird behavior without the grav as well

I remember using the gravity well a lot during the campaign and spamming a ton of assault frigs and drone frigs to use in conjunction with it. I got the best results when I just moved the frig fleet in range of the strike craft, they seemed to eliminate them easily enough (esp the drone frigs). It’s an interim solution till they figure out what’s causing the weird behavior in case anyone is getting stuck because of it.

I made a similar post about this today in the bug megathread.

InfectedGrowth is actually correct.

Taiidan/Kushan assault frigates have 4 cannons and 2 hull-mounted plasma bomb launchers. When they are within weapons range, the only time they will always keep their bow pointed towards an enemy ship is when the target is a size larger than strikecraft e.g. frigates/capital ships etc.

For strikecraft targets, assault frigates act exactly like flak frigates - once they are within optimal weapons range, it stops and doesn’t care what orientation the bow of the ship is pointed at which often results in several cannons unable to shoot at targets due to limited firing angles. This behavior is mostly noticeable when the strikecraft targets are stationary due to passive mode or gravity well generator immobilisation etc.

However, they will use their plasma bombs at enemy strikecraft if they incidentally happen to be within their firing arc.

In any other case, strikecraft are constantly on the move and swirling around so sometimes they can dart in and out of an assault frigate’s range giving the impression that the frigate itself is trying to keep all guns within firing angles by pointing at the target when it is just a byproduct of the “chase AI” making sure it doesn’t leave weapons range.

This whole issue isn’t so much a “bug” as it is a developer oversight. It definitely needs fixing though.

As a benchmark, here is the behavior for assault frigates from Homeworld classic:

  • Uses all weapons (cannons and plasma bombs alike) against any class of ship.
  • Points its bow at any kind of enemy ship (even corvettes) EXCEPT fighter class.
  • Always hit corvette class ships with its plasma bombs.
  • For fighter class enemies, it will continuously try to move to the same XY plane and keep its bow pointed to the target only on the XY plane (no pitching up or down).
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