Anyone have a bladed grog I could have?

(PitiedNeptune19) #1

Reallllllllllllllllllly need one

(PitiedNeptune19) #2

Or a grog in general

(superzi12345) #3

I have various grogs let me know if you want them

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(jonesbc0341) #4

Hi is this offer still active as I would be unterested in one

(superzi12345) #5

Yes it is add me and send message to BDKI Wars i’ll look for you when I’m on

(jonesbc0341) #6

Just to check is BDKI Wars ur gamer tag

(superzi12345) #7

Sorry i mispelled, is BKDI actually

(jonesbc0341) #8

K thx

(garymoose99) #10

Do you still have any spares and are you still willing to lend me one? I’ve been trying to find one for ages

(superzi12345) #11

Of course :slight_smile:

(garymoose99) #12

My gt is GoTz pro skills, I’ll be on later today

(superzi12345) #13

Do you have a perfect slag transfusion?

(garymoose99) #14

I think I have one on my maya (not a perfect)

(Dusten3781) #15

Pretty sure I have one if you still need it. Gamertag is TimingCrib77.

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(superzi12345) #16

Are you on now?

(Dusten3781) #17

I’ll be on in about 20 min.

(superzi12345) #18

I guess we have a time gap xD

(Dusten3781) #19

It definitely looks that way. I’m on PST and typically don’t get in until after 6:00pm once I’m done with work.

(superzi12345) #20

I live in Italy, so now it’s 8 PM

(Kaifer) #21

Hello there. If there are any more available I could really use one. Don’t have much to offer, but you could just mark it off on your taxes as charity and get a tax break. Thanks in advance.

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