Anyone have a bladed grog I could have?

Reallllllllllllllllllly need one

Or a grog in general

I have various grogs let me know if you want them

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Hi is this offer still active as I would be unterested in one

Yes it is add me and send message to BDKI Wars i’ll look for you when I’m on

Just to check is BDKI Wars ur gamer tag

Sorry i mispelled, is BKDI actually

K thx

Do you still have any spares and are you still willing to lend me one? I’ve been trying to find one for ages

Of course :slight_smile:

My gt is GoTz pro skills, I’ll be on later today

Do you have a perfect slag transfusion?

I think I have one on my maya (not a perfect)

Pretty sure I have one if you still need it. Gamertag is TimingCrib77.

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Are you on now?

I’ll be on in about 20 min.

I guess we have a time gap xD

It definitely looks that way. I’m on PST and typically don’t get in until after 6:00pm once I’m done with work.

I live in Italy, so now it’s 8 PM

Hello there. If there are any more available I could really use one. Don’t have much to offer, but you could just mark it off on your taxes as charity and get a tax break. Thanks in advance.

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