Anyone have a Fire Cutsman to trade?

Looking for a Fire Cutsman…dunno if I have anything u may want but we can see. I have mostly Amara stuff.

Kyb’s Worth cryo/corrosive Anointed Phase Slam
Have other stuff just ask and maybe I have

Xbox One GT = ProjectMayhemCA

trade 4 a r4kk p4k?

Don’t have

help get my character to lv 50 and ill give it to you?

How do I do that? Didn’t they fix the offline glitch?

a low lv character cant join a high level to power level really quickly?

If u want I am going to be getting off soon but if your on tomorrow I will help u get to 50 and u don’t have to give me anything

that would be awesome thx man

i still have alot of gear though

Closed at OP’s request