Anyone have a flawless op8 expert grenadier mod?

Please comment what you want in returrn. i would love one that boosts impact and steady +6 with that awesome +47% grenade damage on top! it sounds brutal. Thank you so much, i really appreciate it!

Expert Grenadier is the one you’re after +6 Steady, +5 Impact. Hope you find it!
I’d help if you were on Xbox.

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I got one 5 mins ago from train chest, 6 steady, 5 grenadier. impact is useless for me so I’m happy:)

I’m gonna pitch 20 fastballs at the bunkers crit later lol!

That sounds awesome! i just need a +5 impact one to melt things with TORGUE weapons.

A friend of mine I believe has the purple impact grenadier class mod, 5 impact, 4 steady, 3 grenadier. 46% grenade damage. Let me know if this interests you.