Anyone have a grog nozzle they don't want?

Hey there, everyone! I was wondering if anyone had a grog nozzle that they don’t need? I don’t have anything worth trading for one unfortunately, but it would be really awesome of you! My ID is monkeythief5. Thank you in advance!

P.S I’m sorry if I did something wrong. o.o

Edit: I didn’t put the right ID. Sorry, I’ve never done this.

The Grog Nozzle is a mission weapon that can’t be traded- so long as you don’t turn the mission in you will have it. Also, if you play co-op and one player has it, the second player will acquire it as well. The only legit way to trade for a Grog Nozzle is if it dropped from the Community Day Loot Hunt of a few years back- and I really doubt that anyone that got one then would ‘legitimately’ trade it away. Best bet: either play with someone that has one or do the side mission The Beard Makes The Man and never turn in the quest (also, don’t reset your play mode if you’re in UVHM- doing so will make the mission GN disappear, and you’d have to play thru Tiny Tina’s dlc all over again until you get the mission again).

It’s what I thought, but figured it was worth a try at least.
And I did that for a while, but it ended up bothering me that I didn’t permanently own it in my bag; so I finished the quest. Haha. I still have the rubi going for me, so it’s all good. Only makes me wish I had played Borderlands sooner than later.
Thank you for the reply! I really appreciate it!

You can get it as a non mission weapon I believe add me and I’ll give it to you my psn is beast1234256h609

Sure thing! Sorry for the late reply. I’ll be home in about an hour or 2 and then I’ll add you.

So…where did you get yours? And you’re just giving it away…

You have read the guidance at the top of this section, right?

My friend gave it to me I think he got it during the loot hunt

Hey bro I’m in your game but your not playing so send me an invite when you get on

Sorry about that. I’m on now and will be for a good while.