Anyone have a level 72 sandhawk?

I’m trying to do a maya SMG build, but I was an idiot and did the captain Scarlett dlc as soon as a first got into UVHM. Does anyone have a level 70-72 version of it they’d be willing to trade?

You may be in luck in the sense that I have that quest open for farming purposes. What version would you like? Can grab you one.

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Have a spare shock 72 sandhawk you can have? Don’t have a clue part wise as it’s not something that bothers me… but it’s yours if needed.
Gt = ScaryCartoons

I’d love a fire one if it’s not to much hassle for you. My GT is Jonjon229

Do parts and prefix matter for you?

Either flying or stopping, because I’ve literally just read a forum thing that said those are the best. I don’t particularly mind about parts

Flying is bullet speed, Stopping is damage, so those are decent choices. I’ll sort you out with one today, it may take a while to get a decent one for you though. Just checking, you still want a 72 version?

Yup, don’t bother with getting any OP versions. Just a regularly level 72 version please

I got you one but sadly my game seems to have saved after accepting, I think my second account must have triggered the save for some reason. If this isn’t good enough (parts are far from ideal) i’ll need to reset OP8 to do the mission again.