Anyone have a level 72 Skookum Hawk Eye to trade please?

Hey all, a friend has finally got THC and has ported his level 50 Zero over. I’m going to level him up to 72
and would like to give him the Hawk Eye when done, he’s been talking about the gun for ages but did
not have DLCs on PS3. Have been farming Dex but the tight arse will not give me a break and drop the
bloody thing!

Got some stuff to trade…

  • Inflammable The Bee OP8
  • Evolution OP8
  • Legendary Soldier CM OP8
  • lvl 67 Logan’s Gun.


I think the hawk eye drops from Voracidous and not Dex. Can help you farm one if you like.

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Hey man, stupid wiki says Dex as well, no wonder he didn’t drop it!

Thanks for the offer, on now if you’re about?

Sorry, not on tonight :confused:

No worries buddy, just hit me up when you see me online and you
got the time, really appreciate it!

OP8 won’t do?

Done :white_check_mark:

Appreciate the offer Jack but needed one at 72 for a frend, also the legend that is @GUNZERKUS
dropped an OP8 for me last night!

Thanks Z!


Hey man, someone dropped the 72 Hawk Eye in excahnge for the Bee so all’s good.

Really appreciated you offer to help farm it though!!

Great! Good that zerkus helped you :+1:

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