Anyone have a load of erbium I could have, xbox one

Hey all just wondering if anyone would be willing to give me a load of erbium it would be much appreciated, cheers gametag is caldridge7

Im not sure why I locked this at first. My finger slipped…Or maybe its a force of habit. Either way, sorry about that!

Anyway, what I wanted to say was that this isnt the trade section. We have designated sections for each platform here just for trading and online play shenanigans. :smile_cat:

Also to ask what your platform is, 360 or X1? Ill move you to the right place.

jo no sorry

…Now I see the platform is stated in the title…I think I need a break today…Apparently Im losing my mind…

Moved to the X1 section.

How do you give away erbium? (He’s talking about Eridium right?)