Anyone have a melee-fireborn build for level 59 with limited gear?

I had stopped playing Krieg a while back, and just loaded it up to see what I had for gear. Nothing notable like legendary mods. I have access to some decent enough guns with other characters, but most of my mods are blue. I have a few health (+40%) and melee (+25%) relics. I wouldn’t mind trying a melee/hellborn build, which I’ve never done before.

Also, can you play Krieg without Silence the Voices, or does this chop off too much of his damage if you eliminate it? I have a blue mod that adds 6 to this, plus 5 to Empty the Rage.

EDIT: I also have a level 48 Rough Rider, since I know this is often used on K.


Actually, I played with it for a bit and remembered why I liked the melee/explosive build: bloodsplosions. I had the grotto open, so I went and farmed a new rough rider. So I have the mobbing down pretty good…can someone remind me how people solo bosses with Krieg? I think I used to play him with some friends a lot, and didn’t have to solo much. Are you basically using the minions to trigger rampage, then using it on the boss?

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Others might have some better ideas but ( and this would be tweaked based on COM of course ) here’s something to start with :

Look out for a purple Toast ( preferably Power ) and then the Legendary Torch.
AoE grenades ( teslas ) , Slagga or whatever , Hellfire or Plasma Caster , Hornet for robots , Blockhead if you’re inclined to farm. Any of the non-explosive guns in the first two categories here ( despite not being spec’d into Blood Bath. These guns all have splash, which is great for Hellborn ).

Which? Crunch ( w/ Fuel the Blood ) is great ; Blister ( w/ Blood Bath ) is fantastic


:-1: doesn’t add enough to the total formula to make it worthwhile

No if you’re running a strict melee build though ; and no if you end up in the OP levels.

:+1: - eventually a Flame of the Firehawk too to be used for

I assume you mean raid bosses. I don’t really raid with Krieg so I’ll leave that to someone else.


In bossfights Krieg heavily relies on killing minions in order to proc his kill skills like Blood Bath, Fuel the Blood, Fuel the Fire and also to chain Bloodsplosion. If there are no weaker enemies to proc those skills he kinda falls short, especially in the latter OP levels. At around lvl 59, if you manage to trigger Blood Bath with a semi decent gun or Fuel the Blood with Tediore chucks/Fastballs bosses are going to melt. For that reason I’d recommend farming for either a Blood Blister or Diesel Blister mod that boosts both Blood Bath and Fuel the Blood. Diesel Sickle with +5 to StV is the best com for bloodsploding if you don’t have a Legendary Sickle.


The Hellborn build I use on Ultimate Krieg is just for the Peak- normally I run a Bloodsplosion/Mania build. However I can give you this as a start on what I use for him:
Favorite com to use is a blue Flesh Crunch with Embrace the Pain and Strip the Flesh or Burnt Toast with Fuel the Fire and/or Elemental Elation as the +6 skill, explosive relic and Tediore, Torgue and fire weapons. My full level 72 build looks like this:
With this build I run a L. Torch, for the com. Burning Infinity, fire Sledge’s Shotgun, GN and Slagga, with a Fire Storm for the grenade mod and a fire BotA. Just tested it out in the Dust and honestly could have done w/o the Slagga- even Gettle got roasted w/o slag, and he’s an armored enemy. The only drawback is losing track of your own health due to all the fire damage you’ll be taking- if Elemental Empathy doesn’t keep your health up you’ll need to hit RtB to avoid FFL- other than that it’s pretty good in the main game…


Awesome…I’ll look for some of those mods. I think his health is around 320,000 with all the mods/skills, and after adding that new Rough Rider. I find it’s made a huge difference just having a bit better window to trigger RtB.

So, if I’m running the explosive and mania builds right now, should I be using explosive guns? I’ve been using a purple slag shotty and AR, both at my current level, figuring it would soften up the mobs while I wait to trigger the rage.


Sure but not just explosive guns, which are exclusive to Torgue but also weapons that have explosive (and to a similar extent, splash) damage such as Tediore weapons (another reason Tediore chucking is favored by Krieg and Axton explosive build players). As for class mods the following link is for BL2 class mods of all flavors- I keep it bookmarked for quick reference:


Check that link in my first post for which guns trigger Blood Bath. Those will largely be the same guns whose splash get grenade boosts.

This is another version from the Axton side :


Nice lists…thanks. THat should help. Question: what is a “Torgue barreled assault rifle”? Do only certain types of torgue guns do explosive damage?

This one:


It’s distinctive enough that you can spot it even from the small image in your inventory or a weapon vendor. It makes whatever AR it’s on shoot different projectiles (depending on manufacturer). Note that the BODY determines manufacturer - you can get Torgue barrels on any AR body, and they each do different things.


Okay, so torgue barrel = good for explosions…got it.

It’s a bit more complicated than that, unfortunately. As I said, it depends on the AR manufacturer (listed on the item card). You’ll like some of them, and be less enthused by others.

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I like using Torgue guns for mid range fighting, but find them sort of unwieldy on faster enemies or flying beasties. Krieg could likely get some mileage out of them since he’s always up close and personal.

You know, I tooled around with some side missions yesterday, and was reminded just how differently Krieg plays compared to the rest of the gang. I just kept chaining one rampage after another, setting off those bloodsplosions, and I’m not sure if I ever felt like I was in any danger even on UVHM. As long as you time those rampages right, the train just keeps a rollin’. I fought that boss in Tiny Tina’s world (the gold golem), and it seemed pretty straight forward, just chuck the axes and pound minions to heal.