Anyone have a ogre there willing to trade

(Milsey10) #1

Never mind it was found

Anyone have a orge they wouldn't mind trading
(First-Sword of the Moderators | Discord Hypesquad) #2

Got you moved to the right section, best of luck.

(Milsey10) #3

Thank you!


I have a op8 version if any use to you? Can’t make any use of it on my Sal… So yours if need/want?

(Milsey10) #5

Unfortunately I’m only 72, no op’s yet, I appreciate the help though


I am up for helping you in your game as well? If cool with you? Then you get the joys of seeing the drop(hopefully):grinning:

(Milsey10) #7

That would be awesome. Add me gt milsey10

(Elpresador) #8

Pretty generous :+1: S up to you

(Jasvrs) #9

Scary cartoons is a cool guy full stop traded afew guns with the dude b4 but im down to run the slaughter house for you buddy means i can get some more badass ranks

(Milsey10) #10

Yeah I’m in, add my gt and we’ll run through it a few rounds. Milsey10

(DeviLLorDGameR) #11

i have the ogre on level 35, 50, 72 and op8

(VaultHunter4Life) #12

Bro do you still have any ogres i need it for my axton build after beating the slaughterdome so many times on uvhm i got sick of him not dropping it

(Dusten3781) #13

Are you looking for an OP8 Ogre?