Anyone have an anointed transformer they don't use

Don’t have much to trade. Mostly Amara stuff

Mine are not anointed darn

I have one that has generate 5% Max health per second for a short time on ASE

The other is while exiting fadeaway, create a Nova that deals 13013 damage.

What are u looking for? For the one that does 5% health ASE? BTW did u get your anointed ones from Killavolt or Raid?

No I got them from random world drops.

I’m looking for a Anointed Shock redistributor, W/SNTNL 50% cryo damage.

It you do not have that, it’s no worry, I’ll send it to you anyways.

Yeah def don’t have that. Only have cryo and I dunno if it’s even anointed sorry

No worries! What’s your GT? I’ll send it to you anyways.

ProjectMayhemCA it will show up like PrOjEcTMaYhEmCA. Thank you I appreciate it. I will keep a look out for that gun for you


Awesome thank you sir

You’re welcome!

Thread closed at OP request.