Anyone have an atom balm?

Looking for an atom balm to complete my build if any of u would have plz message me, ive been farming for over 3 weeks now and i haven’t had the chance to drop one

Can also add me on epic games client name : Purifed_Death

I have some !

Will one of these work?

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Deathless would be best

Please give a moment and I’ll send you a fr

Tell when u’ll be on i’ll be there.

I’m online right now, send me a fr, my psn is Ice-T411

AWN MAN I F***ed up i put ps4 insted of pc im stupid, wondered y adding u didn’t work

It happens to the best of us bro

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I think I do, add me: Margoraider


Ok I’ll check when I get home

Item sent.

nice thx