Anyone have an OP1-OP4 Trickster COM? I have a few Legs/Pearls/Seraphs

Like the title says. I’d like a purple one if possible, but a blue one’s fine too.

Here’s some of what I have (this is from memory):

72 Avenger
OP1 (might be OP2) Sawbar
OP4 Bitch
OP3 and OP4 Hellfire
OP3 and OP4 Hornet
OP4 Seraphim
OP4 Gub
57 Slagga
72 and OP4 Law and Order
OP4 Bladed Sandhawk

There’s more at varied levels, just let me know if you’re interested and I’ll go look. Thanks!

Why op4?

I can help you to op8 then you can farm op8 stuff.

Wont take long at all. Super quick.

Thanks for the offer but that’s ok. My friend and I sort of have plans to level up together.

Hey can you help me i’m not even op1 but i would like to be op8 GT: Cant wonder

xbox one btw

i already have op8 gear btw

yup msg me GT AkMateo

it says you’re not online

Well thats because I wasnt lol. Ill get to you asap

lol ok