Anyone have Any Cool Ideas For New Battleborn? Here's Some Of Mine!

These are some general concepts for what I’d like to see in the next 5 Battleborn. Does anyone else have any cool ideas for a line up? Bonus points if you can think of a play style or skill set.

After posting this I realized it’s very tl;dr worthy, so I’ll just drop a brief description of each here so if any spark an interest you can scroll down to them.

LLC: Defender: NOVA lane pushing tank with a massive shield.
Jennerit: Support: Empress Lenore with revive Ult.
Rogue: Attacker: Varelsi Void Summoner.
Eldrid: Defender: CC heavy Troll.
UPR: Support: Stealth Melee Combat Medic.

They currently have 3 Attackers, 2 Supports, and 1 Defender. In the interest of balancing roles I’d like to see another Defender. What Defender, you ask?
NOVA, obviously! A lot of defenders are either oppressing a lane with skills and fire, or about self sustainability and solid damage output to make them a focus target. I’d like to see NOVA with a fairly low damage and short range primary and a huge shield as an off hand that’s meant for not only blocking yourself, but blocking a large enough area to provide slow mobile cover for multiple Attackers. This would allow her to be focused on pushing lanes and blocking damage while a couple team members clear the trash out! She could have an AoE stun, knock up, or knock back as one bumper, and her other bumper could be an ability that rapidly regenerates her off hand shield so she can potentially keep it up for longer without having to drop and regenerate it. Her ult could be an AoE damage reduction. And maybe her final helix could be increased DR or an additional AoE attack damage buff.

They currently have 3 Attackers, 2 Supporters, and 1 Defender. Normally I’d say in the interest of role balance we should get a Jennerit Defender, but I’d love to see Empress Lenore as the next Jennerit Battleborn and I think she would be a cool Supporter with an ult called Sustainment, which instantly revives all downed party members (even PVP members waiting to respawn) and tops off HP (but does nothing to shields) of everyone in a moderately sized AoE around her. One of her bumpers could also add a brief health regeneration on her target and could maybe have a helix that puts the effect on her if she hits an ally with it. She could have a level 10 helix that adds brief health regeneration on to her ult, or brief damage reduction.
As for primary and secondary attacks or a second bumper ability, I haven’t thought of anything.

They currently have a whopping 4 Attackers, 1 Support, and 1 Defender… and I love that they’re attack heavy because to me it fits the Rogue’s faction to be aggressive. I’d love to see a talking Varelsi void summoner for their next Battleborn. They themselves wouldn’t do much damage, but their bumper abilities could summon minions from the void. Their right bumper could summon a mobile Varelsi that would follow them around and attack with melee for them. They could even maybe get a helix that summoned a second one. Their left bumper could summon a stationary ranged minion, maybe also with a helix that allows for a second. Or maybe they could have a set amount of active summons. 2 or 3 to start and then upgrade it to 4 or 5. You could have any combination of the two up to that cap. 1 melee 2 range, 3 melee no range, 3 range no melee. Any combination. And their ult could either turbo charge all the summons for a brief time, or it could summon a big scary Varelsi that has both powerful range and melee. And your Passive could be damage reduction from any attacks to the body, but increased damage from crits.

They currently have 2 Attackers, 2 Defenders, and 2 Supporters. I like the idea of an Eldrid Defender/Disrupter that is literally and figuratively a troll. They’d visually be a troll of some sort, but their entire kit could be about trolling and annoying the enemy with great effectiveness. They’d have very little in the way of health and damage, but would be incredibly CC heavy with many different ways to stun, slow, blind, silence, knock back. Anything to keep the enemy afraid of coming near them. But if you catch them off guard you can easily take them down with damage. But here’s where the trolling really kicks in… their passive would be that they have natural resistance to all CC. It would start at 25% CC duration reduction, and have the possibility of further reducing their CC duration to 50% with a helix choice. Their ult would be a short to moderate duration that increases the effect of their own CC by 50%, and gives them another 50% reduction to CC effects with a possibility of 100% CC immunity for the duration of their ult. Then their level 10 helix could either pass their 50% CC offensive duration to their allies, or pass the 50% CC duration reduction to allies. So only they would get the full immunity, but they could half all CC their allies would take for the duration of the ult. Maybe they could get a mutation that halfs both effects to 25% in favor of doubling the duration of the ult. This would allow them (with gear) to possibly still push immunity and a 25% offensive CC increase for themselves but at a much longer duration, while not being able to pass either of the effects on to allies.

They currently gave 3 Attackers, 0 Supporters, and 3 Defenders. I’d like to see them pick up a Supporter in the form of a stealthy melee healer combat medic. For starters I think that an awesome Passive would be quicker revive times and reviving allies with 75% health instead of what I believe is currently around 50% health after being revived. Maybe they could also get a BL1 Brick like helix choice that increases the time they personally have to be revived after they die. One bumper could be that they drop cloaked med packs that party members can pick up for a quick single boost in HP. But if an enemy walks over them they detonate damaging and wounding the enemy. Their second bumper ability could be a cloak that, while active, prompts health regen to them and to allies around them. Their weapon could be a bloody hatched that is used for field amputations… of enemy limbs! Their primary attack would swing it and their secondary attack would throw it with much reduced damage. They could have a satchel on their side that they pull them from after throwing it like they just keep a sack of hatchets handy. Their ult could pull out a second hatchet and increase their damage and attack speed giving them a more viable means of self defense, since the rest of their kit is fairly specific to healing and reviving party.

What do you guys think of my Battleborn!? Please share your own ideas! =]

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